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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Stepping Up in Lockeroom

The following is part of a story from the Wisconsin State Journal. It is a story of a player wanting to take on a leadership role. It is the story of a non-vocal player who realized her team needed her to be vocal.

Too often freshmen, sophomores, and juniors can at a certain point in the season take the attitude of--- "wait until next year." This is a story of a junior who recognizes the importance of taking advantage of this year, and the fact "next year is not guaranteed."

The University of Wisconsin women's basketball team has a laundry list of needs: A consistent third scorer, better rebounding, fewer turnovers, increased production off the bench.
Junior center Cassie Rochel is looking for all those things and something else: She wants everyone to stop thinking about tomorrow.

Rochel, frustrated about the recent string of UW losses, said as much to the team after a lead turned into another defeat Jan. 13 at Michigan. Rochel, who doesn't believe in "moral victories" despite UW's depleted roster, asked coach Bobbie Kelsey if she could address her teammates.
"When I was in the locker room, I just said, 'Take these opportunities we are getting and stop focusing on what people are saying: Oh, next year, we'll have Michala Johnson. Oh, next year, we'll have Taylor Wurtz back. We're going to be so good next year,' " Rochel said.
"Like I said, 'Tomorrow is not promised.' … Hopefully, some of the girls will think about what we need to do to step up."
Rochel put herself in the shoes of point guard Tiera Stephen, the lone senior still playing this season, and implored her teammates to do everything to make this season meaningful. Kelsey was glad to see Rochel's leadership and believes it helped the others to hear from a teammate instead of the coaching staff.
"I'm not a vocal leader by any means, but the frustration sort of came out of me," Rochel said. "And I'll be the first to say I know I need to step up.

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