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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Lieber All-Conference

Jessica Lieber was selected WB6 All-Conference for the second year in a row. Jessica led the WB6 in scoring this year, and finished her career #6 all-time in scoring at GHS with 1415 points.

Jessica was joined on the All-Conf team by...
Bohnert  Alleman
Brewer   RI
Daggert  UT
Gerard   Moline
Jackson   RI
Morrissey  Alleman
VanWatermuelen   UT

All the players are seniors except Jackson of RI who is a sophomore.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Daniels Advances

Freshmen Lexi Daniels advanced in the 3 point shooting contest at Dunlap. Lexi sent home 8 three pointers to tie for first place in the Regional.

Haley Kelso, Jess Lieber, and Allison Mangieri each knocked down 5 threes to just miss advancing.

Lexi will next shoot at the Washington Sectional on next Thursday at 6:00pm. If she advances, she will be going to Redbird for the state finals!!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Really Playing Well

Many years ago, I had a parent who was not easy to please. He was not happy with how we were doing and certainly not happy with how I was coaching. (This was not the first or last time there has been an unhappy parent.)

Toward the end of the year, another coach at GHS ran into the unhappy parent. According to the other coach, "He says you guys are really playing well." The compliment was surprising, and the assessment was interesting.

We were a little below .500 that season, but we had won something like 4 games in a row. Thus the comment that we were "really playing well," would seem appropriate. It just happened the end of our schedule included games vs. four teams who were all well below .500- Canton, Macomb, Quincy, and Monmouth. Today only Quincy is even still on our schedule.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Streaks Over Alleman

From the Argus...

In Thursday's regular-season finale, the Alleman and Galesburg girls basketball teams gave each other a final test before potentially meeting again in Class 3A regional play.

Galesburg pulled away in the final moments at the Don Morris Gym to pull out a 62-58 Western Big 6 Conference victory.

The Silver Streaks (18-12, 6-4 WB6) snapped a five game losing streak behind explosive senior guard Jessica Lieber, who scored a game-high 32 points, taking 21 shots.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Another Team Dinner

The Kelso's hosted the girls tonight before the Alleman game....

Right Voices

My mother was wonderful. I know I am biased, but my mother was wonderful. The thing my mother was so good at was to make me feel good about myself. Yes, she sometimes was critical of my choices but she never seemed to be critical of me. She had the ability to separate my behavior/choices from me as a person. Quite simply she was supportive, loving, and full of praise.

I remember when I got a D in French. It was the last term of my junior year. I figured summer vacation was not going to be good. She was not home when I got home, so I just left the report card on the kitchen table before going out with my buddies. That evening the only thing my mother said was, "Evidently foreign languages aren't your thing." You could have said I should have studied more- I should have.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Unfortunate Ending

Our freshmen's season ended with Rock Island choosing not to send their frosh down for our scheduled freshmen game on Monday. This marks the third time in the last two years that Rock Island has cancelled their frosh game with us. We found out yesterday morning they would not be coming down. Rocky had a sophomore and varsity game with East Peoria last night also. Evidently they want to play some of their freshmen on the soph and on the frosh level, so they begged out of our frosh game.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Jessica Howard Recognized at Knox

Jessica Howard received recognition this past week for her performances. A nice article here....

UT Smashes Galesburg

Galesburg lost to UT by a 71-37 margin. The 34 point loss ties the record for the largest home loss in Streaks history.

From the Argus....

GALESBURG — United Township girls' basketball twins Jamie and Jen VanWatermeulen have never been so nearly identical as they were Thursday night at Galesburg's John Thiel Gymnasium.

No, by appearance you could tell them apart — the twin seniors say that has always been the case.

But the statistical lines of the two — Jamie, who coach Justin Shiltz calls his cerebral quarterback, and Jen, so instinctive around the basket — were worth a double take in UT's surprisingly easy 71-37 Western Big 6 Conference rout of the Silver Streaks.