"After talking about that game with both coaches and multiple officiating crews
I've decided 
that dispite all the stoppages, it was a great game.

One of the reasons there are so many fouls and turnovers is that the system 
challenges the 
officials on how to call the game. To be consistent if they call it tight, they have 
to call 
everything. With each team playing 15-16 girls, there are a lot of fouls to go

I find that really interesting- refs who were not at a game would offer their analysis of a game
they did not attend?

Refs would offer their explanation regarding how a game should be called even though they are 
not at the game?

Perhaps does this indicate a predisposition on the part of some refs? Does this mean some refs
go into the game figuring how it should be called?

I also find it interesting because two teams choose to sub five players for five players that it means
they are exactly the same in their style of play? Other than subbing five for five- in what ways
are the two teams alike in their styles? 

In the 11 games of 2013, the Streaks are averaging 14 fouls per game. During that time the Streaks
have only once committed over 20 fouls (21). During this time only twice have the Streaks out
fouled their opponent.