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Friday, January 25, 2013

Big Night

Last night there were things which went wrong for us, but there were also things that went right for us. We had many players who battled, didn't give up, and almost came back to beat one of the top 4A teams on their home floor. Unfortunately we gave up too much ground early and could not make it up. But the players all kept battling and they all supported each other whether they were playing or not playing.

One of the real highlights of the night was the performance of sophomore, Sabrina Clay. Sabrina had 13 points (perfect from the field), and battled the bigger Rocky players for 15 rebounds. To put that in perspective, I believe we have only had 4 other individuals who ever got that many rebounds in one game-- HUGE number.

Sabrina is one of those players it is easy for people to root for. She works hard, doesn't mess around, and is focused on improving. The other day, Coach Allison said to me, "Do you know who our best listener is?" And she explained while I am talking, she watches the players- in practice, at half-time, before games, after games. Before I could answer she said, "Sabrina." We have some good listeners and some very coachable players- but certainly Sabrina is at the top of the list.

Last night when she made an error, and right after the error came out of the game. When I went to her to point out the error and the correction she needed to make- I knew she was listening. She looked me in the eye and nodded as I said what I had to say.

Sabrina had a great night, and it is not a surprise. She has a quiet toughness and a desire to compete!!

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