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Thursday, January 24, 2013

You Make the Call

Several weeks ago, we had a game where the following happened....

1- The ball went out of bounds off of a Moline player. The ref signalled it was Galesburg's ball.

2- Galesburg was subbing five players so there was confusion or at least a pause in the action.

3- While Galesburg set up to inbounds the ball, a Moline player stepped out of bounds. The ref handed the ball to the Moline player who immediately passed it inbounds.

4- Moline raced down to the other end, they shot and missed. We rebounded and a Moline player was called for a foul. The foul was reported to the scorer and entered into the book.

5- At this point the refs realized they had messed up. They got together and talked for a couple minutes.

6- The lead official went over and told the scorer to take the foul out of the book. And they went back to the other end and gave the ball to Galesburg.

So the refs decision was they should not have inbounded the ball to Moline, so they "erased" all events which took place- except they left the clock as it was.

It was a mess- what would you think should have been done?

A- They did it just right.

B- Do as they did but also add about 15 seconds to the clock.

C- Once the foul is committed- you can't go back. Go from that point.

1 comment:

  1. They can do it any way they want....they're the refs:-) Probably B is correct but being at Moline whatever worked best for Moline is what "should have been done".