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Monday, June 26, 2017

Purdue Motivation

 Purdue Women's basketball had short phrases on their practice gear, practice gym wall, and weight room wall. All of the phrases were reminding them what the Purdue Basketball culture has as a foundation!!

Friday, May 26, 2017

Energy Wins

Streaks Camp 2017

Streaks Camps for grade school and junior will start on Tuesday, May 30.

Grade School- (next year in 2nd thru 5th Grade)- 8:00-9:30am in Thiel Gym
Junior High- (next year in 6th thru 8th Grade)- 9:30-11:00am in Thiel Gym

Camp will run May 30 thru June 2 and then June 5 thru June 8.

Cost is $75- players can still enter the first day of camp. Entry forms will be available.

For further info- contact Coach Massey at

Galesburg Summer League- 2017

Galesburg Summer League will start the 30th season on Tuesday, May 30. Games will be played in Thiel Gym, Wicall Gym, and the Field House.

This is the second oldest girls basketball summer league in Illinois, and the largest league in downstate Illinois with over 50 teams participating.

Refer to the following page for the schedule--

Sunday, April 23, 2017

New Shoes for Summer?

High school age players should look at the condition of the basketball shoes they used during the past winter season. In most cases, they should seriously consider getting new basketball shoes to use for the off-season, especially during summer camps, leagues, and tourneys.

While a shoe may still look good, the problem is the support has probably broken down with four months of regular use. In the past, we find too often players starting up for the summer begin to experience issues with their feet and legs, which often are attributed to wearing shoes which lack support.

While none of us want to spend more money, a person can go to Eastbay or local stores and find a reasonably priced shoe to wear for the summer. The player may want to get the latest and the most expensive shoe- that most certainly is not necessary.

Another concern as players go into the summer, is whether they bring feet or leg issues from their spring sport activity. It is not unusual to have girls who ran track in the spring come into summer basketball with shin splints. We have found an effective way to avoid feet/leg problems or overcome feet/leg problems is for the athlete to get an arch support to put into their basketball shoe. In local stores, you can get Dr. Scholl's arch supports which seem to have helped many of our athletes deal with leg/feet problems.

Off-Season Work