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Friday, January 18, 2013

Having a Plan

I read an interesting article in the Madison paper talking to the new Wisconsin defensive backs coach. He talked about what he believes will be a strength of the new Badger football coach- Gary Anderson. His basic message is that Anderson has a "plan." A "plan" for what? A "plan" for everything- things are not just haphazard and done on the fly- whether it is the weight room, the practice plans, discipline- there is a plan.

I have been fortunate to observe a lot of good coaches at GHS, compete vs good coaches, watch practices of good coaches, and attend clinics with good coaches. As I have got older, it is clear to me that the best coaches have thought it all out- they have a plan.

If you talk to Jason Shay about the 1-2-1-1 press, and ask what do you do if the opponent does X-- he doesn't hesitate- it is thought out-- they have an exact plan. When I attended Tennessee women's practice with Pat Summitt, they were working on defending ball screens. It was pre-season- and Tennessee was trapping every ball screen. When she came over and sat with us, we asked if they always trapped ball screens. She did not hesitate, she explained at the beginning of each season all they do is trap ball screens so the screen defender understands to get up and be aggressive. Then after that is engrained, they develop hedge techniques. Yes- a PLAN.

"Not to be arrogant enough to think there are things out there or challenges that are not being foreseen, that could always come up," Busch said. "But the biggest thing everyone will see from (Andersen) ... is that we have a plan. It's not one of those where it's like, 'Well, that sounds good.' We have an exact plan. ...

"If someone asks us, 'How do you handle this in the weight room?' That's how it's done. 'How about discipline?' It's done. Everyone knows exactly what's going to happen. 'How do Friday nights work before the game?' It's already done. ... All of those things have already been mapped out and time-tested through all of our time together. That puts you in a position to be ready to take over a program like this."

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