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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Senior Week- Sabrina's Look

Senior Night this week vs. UTHS on Thursday. Time goes by pretty fast. We have a great group of six senior players and two senior managers. They have represented their school and community so well. I asked the underclassmen to talk about the seniors…

This is from Sabrina.

Who is a senior you really did not know going into the season but have really got to know them this season?
Going into the season I really didn't know Dani Teel but now I have really gotten to know her this season. 

Who is the funniest senior?
The funniest senior would have to be Sharron.

Which senior has the best ability to give the team "tough love" when it needs it- tell them when they are not doing what is needed?
I think the "tough love" would come from Jessica she keeps us in place.

What are some of your favorite memories from this season?
Just being with my team at the Charleston tournament. Even though we lost that game we still stayed together as a team.

What are some things you have learned this year from the seniors?
I've learned that to always go into practice with a good attitude and to be focused. Also to always push one another to get better.

 What is something a senior or seniors have done for you this year that you hope you can do for younger players in the future?
All of the seniors have given me good advice and always talk to me and show me what I'm doing wrong. What I am suppose to do and I hope I am able to do that for the younger players. 

The best thing about the seniors has been....
The best thing about the seniors is that have never forgotten that we are a team. They treated all of us like family. Even after a bad loss they didn't get mad at us, yell and say it's your fault or you messed up. They just said it's alright guys there's always next game and that's why I love our seniors.

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