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Sunday, June 30, 2013

2003 State Finals

2003 State Finals-
Press conference
with 6 year old Allen.

Tony Bennett's Core Values

Coach Tony Bennett at the University of Virginia doesn’t believe in having a lot of team rules.
Instead his teams are taught 5 core values that must be constantly demonstrated both on and off the court.
These same values were used by Coach Bennett’s father, Coach Dick Bennett at the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay for over 20 years.
1. Humility
Knowing who you are – not thinking too highly of yourself but not thinking too little of yourself either.

Culture of Me vs Culture of We

After the Chicago Black Hawks won the Stanley Cup, in the championship press conference Jonathon Toews used the word "we" 13 times, and the word "I" 0 times.

After the Miami Heat won the NBA title, LeBron James in the post game press conference used the word "we" 0 times and the word "I" 18 times.

We reveal so much with our language!!

Championship Practices

- no lapses of focus, attention to detail, little things matter

- genuine excitement, honest encouragement, real joy

- nothing is personal, respond to critique, two ears one mouth

- prepared to practice, eat/sleep/study balance, training room on point

- non-verbals scream excellence, visible confidence, police each other

- team provides energy, player driven, coaches never address

- team B4 me, help the helper, respect is earned and given

- make each other better, leave it in the tunnel, leave it on the “W”

This is from Coach Neighbor's at Washington.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Purdue Camp

Our experience at Purdue was a very good experience. All three teams worked hard, regardless if they were winning or losing. In the dorms and away from games, the players worked well and got along well.

Purdue camp is the 8th college campus we have taken teams to camps for. Our visits have included- DePaul, Michigan, Western Missouri, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Notre Dame, and now Purdue.

Purdue Pictures

Team Building- untie the knot.

Team Building- helping each other stand up.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Salem Trip

This is a picture taken after the last game vs. Salem at the Salem Tourney. This was the group who played in the varsity division.

Matt Wheaton- Galesburg Summer League

The following is Matt Wheaton's article on Galesburg Summer League. It is the second longest running summer basketball league in Illinois (behind Maine West). It is the largest downstate league in Illinois.

It’s not really hard for Galesburg High School girls basketball coach Evan Massey to figure out how long he’s been organizing the Galesburg Summer League. 

“This is the 27th year we’ve done it,” said Massey, who is entering his 36th season at the helm of the Silver Streaks. “The only reason I know is you put it at the top of the sheet and the next year you change it.”

Massey started the league for a simple reason.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Another Night of Improvement

It was another good night at Summer League. We had over 60 Galesburg players from 7th thru 12th grade playing bb. Our JH team lost by one to a FS team. Our two Frosh teams battled in their games. Our FS level team defeated Illini West FS team and then beat a varsity team. It is very exciting to see the potential of our JH age and FS age players- if they continue to work, they can do some great things.

Our JV team defeated ROWVA's varsity and West Central's varsity. They have made so much progress in the 3 weeks of this summer. 

Streaks Going to Purdue

The Streaks this weekend will be going to Purdue and Mackey Arena for games. It will be a good experience for our young Streaks varsity vs. tough competition.

The varsity is scheduled to play West LaFayette HS. It is interested that former Streaks star, Molly Watson is an assistant coach with West LaFayette.

Trip to Salem

Salem gym was a neat old gym with balconies around it.
Veteran Streaks fan, Steve Bryant said it reminded him
of old Steele Gym in downtown Galesburg.
This past weekend we went to Salem to play basketball. It was one of the best run tourneys/camps we have been to. Very good facilities, on time, good competition, and well officiated- it was very worthwhile.

It is always nice to go some place where you play people you don't see. I think this enables players to be more focused on their game and their team vs. being worried about other teams. The competition level in southern Illinois is outstanding.

Jason Shay Works w/ Teams

Jason Shay was back in Galesburg for "vacation." He spent about 10 hours in Thiel Gym working with the Streaks varsity boys and girls basketball teams.

Monday, June 17, 2013

William Allen- Teacher & Soldier

The following is a sermon which was given at First Presbyterian Church in Galesburg on Memorial Day 2013 in honor of William Allen who gave his life for his country in WW2.

Time To Remember

I did not attend theology school but I will have you know, I did sleep at a Holiday Inn Express. Some probably expect me to give a sermon connected to sports. I did think about a sermon entitled “Jump Shots and Jesus”, but my wife vetoed that. I even thought about one entitled “Wisconsin and Heaven- The Same Area Code”, but Carl Strauch warned I might be excommunicated.

I really appreciate the opportunity to speak this morning. I am going to share a story involving the death of a soldier in war. This week we saw a tremendous tragedy take place in Oklahoma. The story of my soldier and of the Oklahoma tornado, beg the question, ”Why?”  In the book, “When Bad Things Happen to Good People,” Harold Kushner states, “It is not because God intended it or planned it. Bad things happen to good and bad people because we live on earth, and earth is not a perfect place.”