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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Galesburg Summer League- 2016

Galesburg Girls Summer League
(Revised- May 25)
Location of games determined by order listed:
1st Listed= Field House East
2nd Listed= Field House West
3rd Listed= Wicall West
4th Listed= Wicall East

Tuesday, May 31
5:00                  Gale Silver- ROWVA
Lewistwn FS- Knoxville FS
Gale Gray- Mon-Rose FS
Gale Red- Dee Mack JH
5:50                  Gale Black- Mon-Rose
Lewistown- Knoxville
Gale Silver- Dee-Mack
Gale Red- Knoxville JH
6:40                  Lewistwn FS- MonRose FS
                            Gale White- Knoxville FS
                  Dee-Mack- ROWVA
                  Knoxville JH- Rowva JH
7:30                  Gale Gold- Knoxville
Lewistown- Mon-Rose
                  Gale Blue- Dee-Mack JH
Gale Green- ROWVA JH

Thursday, June 2
3:20                  Gale Silver- Lewistown FS
Gale Blue- ROWVA JH
4:10                    A-Town FS- Lewistown FS
                  Orion FS- Farmington JV
Gale Red- ROWVA JH
Gale Green- Gale Blue
5:00                  Gale Black- Morton
A-Town- Erie
Lewistown- West Hancock
W Hancock FS- United FS
5:50                  Knoxville- Morton
Gale Silver- Farmington JV
West Hancock- ROWVA
Lewistown FS- Orion FS
6:40                  Gale Gold- Erie
                  Washington- Peoria Cent
Lewistown- Putnam Co
                  Gale Gray- W Hancock FS
7:30                  A-Town- Putnam Co
                  Lewistown- Erie
A-Town FS- Farmington JV
W Hancock FS- United FS
8:20                  Gale Black- Peoria Central
                  Knoxville- Washington
Gale White- United FS
                  United- ROWVA

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Watson in IBCA Hall of Fame

It is fitting that Molly Watson was the first GHS girls basketball player selected to the IBCA Hall of Fame. During her three years as a starter, GHS went 91-11. At the end of the season polls, GHS was rated #1, #2, #1 her three years. She was surrounded by many great players- we had great TEAMS. But in my biased opinion, at 5'4" she was the most dominant girls basketball player in WB6 history. Her senior year, the Streaks were 33-0 before losing to Taylorville in the State semis. 

She went on to play at DePaul University and was very successful on collegiate level. 

Quite simply, Galesburg fell in love with Molly and her teammates. Every IHSA attendance record was eventually set by Galesburg. It was the result of a lot of good players, but the love affair started with Molly.

Congratulations to Steve & Jeanine

There are many great girls basketball fans in Galesburg. Steve and Jeanine Bryant are not only some of the best GHS fans, but they are also the best fans of Illinois girls basketball.
Steve has been willing to drive across Illinois to get tapes when we needed them. In 1999 after winning the Supers, Steve headed to Chicago and got us lots of tapes on Loyola. It is for that reason after we upset Loyola, we presented Steve with the original scouting report on Loyola. Steve and Jeanine have followed the Streaks everywhere, and have hosted them in their homes.
In their nomination, other coaches said the following-

Lori Blade (Coach of Edwardsville)- They have always been a positive and wonderful representative of what a true basketball fan should be.  They have a true appreciation for all participants.  Their nomination for IBCA HOF Friends of Basketball is as deserving as any nomination could be.  They have been and continue to be a true blessing to the game of basketball.

Jay Hatch (Coach of Alleman)- Steve and Jeanine Bryant are a great nomination for Friends of Basketball.  They are strong supporters of Galesburg basketball, but they are also strong supporters of basketball in general. 

Mark Smith (Coach of Maine South)- I would come to find out how special and loyal two of these fans were - not only to 'their" team - but to girls' basketball throughout the state.  Steve and Jeanine Bryant are among the greatest high school girls basketball fans that I know. 

Bill Lapp (former Coach of Carthage)- As the head varsity coach at Carthage High School, I remember the Galesburg teams as some of our biggest fans. Our teams and fans had great respect for one another. The memory of the state tournament where the Streaks cheered at the Bluegirl quarterfinal and vice-versa are still solid in my mind. The two Galesburg fans that most stand out however are Steve and Jeaninne.

The Bryant’s were the type of individuals that supported the game above the team. They appreciated all kids who committed themselves to the game they so loved. The Bryant’s adopted our team. During the summer camp months as well as fall tourna- ments, they would have our Bluegirl teams to their home as a place to relax in between contests. Periodically, they also would be fans in the stands at big games we were in, during the season as well as post-season. Confidently, I know that their attitude to our team transcended into the mutual respect each team had for one another. There is NO one couple I could recommend greater than Steve and Jeaninne Bryant.

Sunday, August 23, 2015


"When entitlement is high, gratitude is low. And when gratitude is high, entitlement is low."
- Jimmy Dykes

Friday, August 21, 2015

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Selflessness Requires Sacrifice

"Good culture doesn't guarantee championships, but bad culture nearly guarantees you won't win one."    Lindsay Scarlatelli

Her essay on the role of selflessness is outstanding.