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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Thiel Gym- Lots of Memories

Even Willow likes Thiel Gym.
Thiel Gym has provided a lot of memories for many people in Galesburg. Galesburg over Richwoods in boys bb in 1976. Galesburg over PND in girls bb for the Sectional title in 1995. The list of great games could go on. If you asked a sports fan in Galesburg, they could all name different games with exciting memories.

I have been to many games in Thiel Gym. I am not sure but I am guessing I have spent more time watching practices and games in Thiel Gym than anyone. And I am not sure that is really something the average person would be impressed with. The reality is that Thiel Gym has given me a lot of memories besides just the games and practices.

Camp Preparation- When Allen and I were going to the Wisconsin Father-Son camp when he was in 4th and 5th grade, it was Thiel Gym where we went to "practice." It was a lot of fun to have an excuse to spend some evenings working together.

Birthday Parties- Thiel Gym was where we often had Allen's birthday parties. It was great with cake, ice cream, whiffle ball, kick ball, basketball.

Grounded by Mom- Thiel Gym is where Allen loved to go to play with all the Peachey's. I assured his mother that he could come to practice and Peachey and I would keep an eye on him. He loved it. It was all good until Amy came to check one day, and Allen was walking on the top of the bleachers with the bleachers not pulled out. For a four year old, I thought it was pretty safe!

Baby Shower- Thiel Gym is where friends and players parents had a baby shower for Allen after one of our games. Lots of space.

Heart Exam- The reason I wrote this was today they had the bleachers pulled out for the boys game while we were practicing. It reminded me that Thiel Gym was where I realized something was wrong with my heart. First, when sweeping the floor before practice I realized I was winded all the time- thought I was in bad shape. Then with the bleachers pulled out, I decided to go up and down the bleachers to "get in shape." On the third trip, I experienced a real tightness in my chest and realized something was wrong.

Yes, Thiel Gym- I have gotten to see a lot of good and bad games, good and bad practices, but it is also a place where myself and my family have spent alot of time too.

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