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Monday, January 14, 2013

Big Brother Retiring

My brother Mark who has taught and coached in Clinton for 39 years turned in his letter to retire. Our family is certainly proud of him. He has been a good big brother. He has done a good job giving me confidence when I needed it and criticism when called for.

He supported me when I was an athlete, and we have counseled each other during our teaching and coaching careers. There has been a lot of time spent on the phone.

I would like to say I have enjoyed watching his successful volleyball teams play- but the sport makes me too nervous. Good things and bad things seem like they happen too quickly in volleyball. And I don't like watching and wanting the River Queens to win but not having any control. It is a stroke waiting to happen.

Congrats on a good teaching career!! We are all proud of you!

The following is from Mark's facebook page....

This statement has been released in conjunction with my acceptance of district's early retirement pckg. "I have tremendously enjoyed my 39yrs teaching & coaching in the Clinton School District & I hope to be able to continue to serve the community and the school district in a variety of capacities. As AJ Hanafan might have said, “I'll always be a wildcat and a River King.” 
Both of my children are CHS grads. I've worked with many wonderful families, assistant coaches & administrators. The students/athletes I've had a chance to work with have been & are fantastic. I’ve always been appreciative of the confidence that Bill Holmstrom showed in me, way back in June, 1978. I think that we've built a solid program that the community & school can be proud of since then. “Do I plan on coaching in the future?” …. “I think I still may have quite a bit of coaching in me.”

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