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Thursday, December 16, 2010

All-Fundamentals Team

Chicago Bear long snapper, Patrick Mannelly was named to the NFL All-Fundamentals Team. Comments about him and comments by him are interesting.

“It’s unbelievable,” his special team's coach said. “He’s so humble. He’s the machine that makes the whole thing work for us; the field-goal operation and the punt operation.”

In accepting the award, Mannelly credited the coaches he had during his formative years as a player with honing his skills—from youth football to high school and even college.
“To those guys, I really want to thank them,” Mannelly said. “They’re the ones that made this award possible. When you are a young player, this isn’t going to happen and you can’t get to this level without fundamentals.”

We are very fortunate in our basketball program to have coaches in the junior high, freshmen level, and soph level who are willing to invest so much time and energy to help their players develop skills necessary to become successful.

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