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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pat Riley- "Diesease of Me"

Great quote but I still hate the Heat!
From the Register-Mail today-  “Breaking these individual records is really nice,” Howard said. “But really it’s the team records that we can break that are even better. We are really playing together right now and it’s a lot of fun to see what this team can do.”

Pat Riley said the following- "Most people are generally selfish, and they're afraid. It's called the diesease of "me." Most people go into everything looking out for their own ass. They're looking out for themselves. They are taking care of number one. There's nothing wrong with that but you'll never be part of something truly significant if that's going to be your attitude. You have to change."

Pat Riley would like Jessica's attitude. And Pat Riley would be the first to point out why we are having not only a good season in terms of wins and losses but having a GREAT season in terms of team chemistry.

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