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Friday, December 31, 2010

Steve & Jeannine- Part II

Massey- Any unusual or funny stories to share about the Streaks when you have followed them?

Jeannine- The first year we went to Wisconsin, we stayed at a motel that could be a dead ringer for the Bates Hotel from the movie "Psycho".   Steve and Evan went to the local store for milk, OJ, donuts, and we had a breakfast on the picnic tables.   We have not stayed there again.........but it was a good time.

            Having multiple fans of other communities ask me, throughout the years, just how many Pacheco girls Galesburg had?
             In the late 90's,  Illinois women's coach Teresa Grench was at  Maine West to watch some players, she stepped up next to Steve, who thought it was me, he leaned over to say something to me/her, and was startled to see a woman taller/larger than him there instead.  The words he used cannot be used on this public forum.   Teresa was not amused.  I laughed until I cried.   But not in front of Teresa, she was a rather imposing woman, and I was afraid of her.
             A summer game about 5 years ago at Maine West.   We were playing Fenwick, and it looked to be a blowout.  Their coach, Dave Powers, was all laid back, laughing, enjoying himself immensely.  Then Rachel, Andie, Libby, others, took offense and worked their butts off, got right back into it.   We, the fans were going wild, Coach Powers all of a sudden had to get off his chair and coach........and our gym was so loud, that people on the lawns outside came inside to see what was going on.   I honestly cannot tell you whether we won or lost.  Anyone else remember?  A great memory of Ron White and Steve making fools of themselves..............not sure why this time that part sticks out, since they did that often!

Steve- The summer of 99, coming home from Maine West, at the Dekalb Oasis.   Coach Massey got into a Ford maroon van, which unfortunatley, had a pregant woman in the back seat, and was not his van.   Since he was the last one out, the entire team and fans were able to witness the entire event.
             One summer Massey was in a big hurry to leave the Maine East campus, forgot to put the tail gate down, spewing drinks and fresh fruit all over the ground.
             Turning the bathroom lights off on Coach Peachey in the Chicago Maria bathroom.
             When I would drive the girls to summer camps, needing Beano.
             Andi Allison's always helpful driving tips in Chicago.
             Rocking the vans until the sides sparked on the roads.

Massey- As a fan, I really struggle with________.

Jeannine- Negativity.   I keep my mouth shut if people are yelling at the coaches, but draw the line when people yell at the players.  These are children playing a game, people.  You paid $3 to get in.....if it is that bad, ask for your money back, and get out.   AND, life goes on, even if we lose.   I am frustrated by the fact that these kids work hard and don't get the fan support that they deserve, but I have found that to be true through out high school athletics.  

Steve- As a fan, I really struggle with people who think they know more than the coaching staff.    Other sports who want what this program has achieved, and not realizing that it's success  didn't just happen.  It takes work.    

Massey- You have gotten to know other coaches and other fans. Who are some of your favorites?

Jeannine- Head High School Coach Jim Russo from Regina Dominican comes to mind.   He is also an AAU coach in the summer, but he is one of the good ones.   Doesn’t recruit, takes kids who want to get better, and takes time with them.    
             Frank Guerrino, had a daughter who played for Maine South, and I hope to see him again at our game with them, even though his daughter has graduated.   I have gotten to know the Maine South coaches, they are an amazingly friendly group of people.   (I hope it doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that I always take them homemade chocolate goodies!)  
             The Carthage/Illini West fans/coaches have been great to me throughout the years.  
             Alleman Coach Jay Hatch and their fans/families: there were years when the Alleman girls played more games on our floor than they did on their home floor, and I got to know their families well.  Rocky Coach Rod Letterman comes to mind, too.  
             We became acquainted with  Fenwick player Sarah Kwansinski and her parents, too, enjoyable time.  Fenwick was an awesome program, but the Kwasinskis were a class act, so supportive.
             Richwood's had a player named Megan McGann, and her mom and I spoke often.  Megan's dad, Dan, was a very competitive person, but fair to speak with during, and after, the games.  I met them Megan's freshman year at our game against Richwood's at the Bloomington Classic tournament.   Megan had been knocked to the floor going for a rebound, looked hurt, when this man behind me bellowed "GET UP!"   I turned around and said "Who are you?" and he answered "I'm her dad.  Why?"   And I said, "well, I was going to get out of the way in case her mom was on the way up here to kick your @$$."   And we laughed, and got to know one another, and although Richwoods was a pain the entire time she was with that team, her parents were pleasant to be around.  Not like some opposing fans..........

Steve- Bill Lapp, Sci Hickenbottom, Rod Letterman, Jay Hatch,  Zach Keene.   

Massey- When we went to state, you were the one to go get tapes on Loyola. Tell us about your day?

Steve- Ah yes, I remember it well.  I drove to Chicago the Tuesday after the Monday night Super Sectional win over Machesney Park Harlem.  I don't think I slept a wink, was too wired.   Got to the Chicago area high school as they were just beginning, got the tape from a coach who was trying to tell me how to beat Loyola.   Apparently he thought I was a coach, didn't know I was the maintenance man for Wicall pool and building.   Got home and had the tapes to Massey by about 1 PM.   And the rest, as they say, is history.

Massey- Your son went to UCLA and you brought me back some neat things from UCLA and Coach Wooden. When you went to visit UCLA, what was the most impressive thing you did, saw, or experienced?

Steve- Walking into Pauley Pavilion.   Seeing the jerseys hanging, the trophies.   Remembering all of the games I had seen on TV.   Amazing place, gave me chills.   Our son Camron did his graduate studies at UCLA, his building was next to the Book Store.  A couple of times while he was working, he heard that Coach John Wooden and his daughter were coming to the Book Store to sign items.  (you had to buy things there)   He went a couple of times, and spoke of how gracious Coach Wooden was to everyone. 


  1. These are fans that any program at any school would be proud to have. Nice story & interview.

  2. The Bryants are truely great fans of GHS! I first meet Steve when I was coaching at GHS and he would always watch the kids practice and enjoyed hard working kids. The best part is Steve might be responsible for a few Quincy and Moline wins he always offered to buy pizza when they would beat them.WOW! what a carrot for the teenagers"food". I knew he was a great guy because he always had the ILLINI games on in the gym.