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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Still Raining Threes- Another State Record

After hitting 21 threes this morning vs. Paris, the Streaks came back to again get 21 threes vs. Rantoul. This was a game in which we went with a fifteen player rotation from the start of the game. We pressed the first quarter, then played half court defense the last three quarters. We quit rotating the fifteen players after three quarters. In the fourth quarter we went with Klinck, Boyer, Mangieri, both Diggins, Junk, and Anderson.

We jumped out to a 51-14 lead. We were 21 for 72 on threes. 21 threes made tied our record from this morning for most threes made in a game and our 72 threes attempted broke our state record from a year ago for most threes shot in one game.

Individual Stats
Threes- Jessica Howard 5, Allison Mangieri 3, Mickey Rodriguez 3, Paige Klinck 2, Sadee Hamilton 2, Sharron Diggins 2, Jessica Lieber 2, Jamie Johnson 2, Tai Peachey 1.
Rebounds- Chloe Anderson 6, Paige Klinck 6, Sadee Hamilton 7
Assists- Tai Peachey 7

Team Stats
FGA      82
3 Att      72
O-Reb   42%
Forced TO's   24
Shot Differential   +22

I realize that Rantoul was not a strong opponent but it was an exciting day to have 15 players play and contribute. It is exciting to see players like Tai Peachey and Jamie Johnson who after a game you cannot tell if they have individually scored a lot or scored a little. We have a lot of players like those two who are only concerned about the success of their team, not individual stats. Our three sophs coming up to play all had good days. Allison and Sharron 6 of our 21 threes vs. Rantoul.

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