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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Foul Shots

It is interesting that you don't think of a three point shooting team as being a team who is going to shoot a lot of foul shots. But this year opponents have been selling out to take away our three point shooting. As a result, we have done a lot more going to the basket and getting the ball inside. One consequence shows up at the foul line-
Galesburg-- FTs Made 119- FTs Attempted- 195
Opponents-- FTs Made 51-  FTs Attempted- 91
If you look at successful college teams, the top teams will often make more ft's than their opponents will attempt. It statistically says something not only about a team's offense but also about a team's defense. It is interesting to look at some of the free throw numbers of some of our teams in the '90's and early 2000's.

IHSA State Records for FT's Made in Season
1- Galesburg   600  (1999)
2- Galesburg   599  (2001)
4- Galesburg   536  (2002)
8- Galesburg   500  (2003)
10- Galesburg 487  (1998)
* 5 of the top 10 ft shooting teams in Illinois.

National Records for FT's Made in Season
3- Galesburg  600 (1999)
4- Galesburg  599 (2001)

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