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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

State Record- 21 Threes

It was "raining threes."
In Galesburg's 88-57 win over Paris, Galesburg established a new state record for made threes in a game with 21 threes. It broke the record of 20 which Galesburg and two other schools had hit before.

We rotated all fifteen players into the game in three separate units. We jumped to a 41-30 lead at half, then 67-44 lead after three. Paris did cut the lead to 3 in the middle of the third quarter but we got off to a huge run with a made three by Allison Mangieri.

Individual Stats
Threes- Jessica Lieber 6, Jessica Howard 6, Jamie Johnson 3, Mickey Rodriguez 3, Allison Mangieri 2, Tai Peachey 1.
O-Rebounds- Jessica Lieber 4
Steals- Tai Peachey 5, Sadee Hamilton 5, Myra Diggins 4, Jamie Johnson 4, Emma Junk 3
Assists- Tai Peachey 7, Baylie Boyer 5

Team Stats
FGA                 (Goal 72)  70
Threes Att.        (Goal 36)  58
O-Reb Pct.        (Goal 40%)  44%
Forced TO's     (Goal 26)   32
Shot Differential  (Goal +20)  +14

An interesting stat is that Paris had 32 turnovers and we had 26 steals. The significance of that is their turnovers with our steals kept the ball alive and the game going. In effect it helped keep the game an uptempo game. Some games the other team may have alot of turnovers but if they are traveling or thrown out of bounds it forces deadball situations.

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