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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Mickey Rodriguez- What's College Like?

Mickey Rodriguez is a freshman at Knox College in Galesburg. She is a classic example of a senior who kept her options open as far as college, and ended up going some place she had not planned to go. Mickey was not sure she wanted to take the “hometown option” but after visiting Knox and after seeing the financial aid package they gave her- Knox became her choice.

Selfishly, it is nice to be able to see Mickey often. When I took my Community Studies class on a tour of Knox for the history of Galesburg and Knox, Mickey saw us and joined the tour. She is a regular at men’s and women’s basketball games. She has a good job with the Admission’s Dept. She is not playing basketball but is obviously very, very busy.

I had a chance to ask Mickey questions about her first year.

What have you enjoyed most about college?
Meeting new people from different backgrounds and countries. I also like being challenged academically.

What part of high school do you miss most?
I miss high school basketball and some of the social aspects.

What things do you not like about college?
The late night studying.

How do you rate your cafeteria food? Best meal?
I love it! Helmet the head chef at Knox insures we get a lot of delicious and healthy options. The best meal is the Philly Cheese Steak sandwich!

If you get a chance, where in your college town do you like to go out to eat the most?
Taco Hideout

What is your dorm or apartment arrangement?
Suite style living, I have one roommate and 3 people to our bathroom.  I like being independent and being able to socialize with the others who live in my building.  Sharing a bathroom is the worst part of the dorm life.

What classes did you take this first term?
Calculas 151, First-year precep, & Spanish 201

What has been your favorite class so far this year? Why?
First-year precep, we watched movies and discussed how they relate to life. It also helped my writing skills and I loved my professor.

What do you do with any free time?
Go to college sponsored activities, hang with friends at school, hang with friends who live in town, rest, and laundry.

What from high school experience do you feel helped prepare you for college?
High school basketball helped me to prepare to balance my time between different activities and it also made me more responsible as a student.

Now that you have experienced college, if you could go back to high school would you change anything as you prepare for college?
I wouldn't change anything.

What advice would you give to hs students? In particular what advice would you give to hs seniors?
Don't count out certain options you may have for college.  Knox was not on my original college list and that ended up being my choice and I love it!  Do what is right for you individually, don't put a college on your list just because it's popular among your friends.  Take advantage of the great teachers at GHS, ask them for advice on your college search. Enjoy your senior year and make good memories.

What are you doing in terms of physical activity?
In the fall I scrimmaged with the Knox Women's team.  I also tried to fit in running in between studying.

Any advice to this year's team?
I've been to some of the games this season and it's obvious that all of your hearts are in it to play hard and win.  Be there for each other and appreciate the fact that you're playing for such a great program (and the coach is pretty knowledgable too :) ).  Keep up the hard work and good attitudes and you will be successful.

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