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Friday, December 23, 2011

Jay Hatch- WB6 Coaching

We were fortunate to beat Alleman on Thursday night. Coach Hatch’s teams are always well prepared and know exactly what we are going to do. Last week, Jay coached the 400th win at Alleman.

In girls basketball in the WB6, in the last 30 years, the average tenure for a coach has been about 4.5 years. Jay has surpassed that by some margin- Coach Hatch is in his 19th season at Alleman. In the time I have been coaching, he has the longest service of any girls basketball WB6 coach.

Jay Hatch                           Alleman                  19 years*
Rod Leatherman               Rock Island            15 years
Steve Ford                         Moline                  13 years*
Steve Ebner                       Alleman                11 years
Ed Swaggard                     Rock Island          11 years
·              *    Still coaching.
·      No one else has coached over 10 years.

During the time I have been coaching at GHS, this is the number of coaches there have been at the other conference schools.
Alleman-        5 coaches
Rock Island-   6 coaches
Moline-          8 coaches
UTHS-           9 coaches
Quincy-         9 coaches

In boys basketball, there have been only 2 coaches to have coached in the WB6 longer than Jay.
Duncan Reid                  Rock Island         21 years
Jerry Leggett                  RI, Q, Mol           21 years
Loren Wallace                Quincy                13 years
Don Morris                     Alleman              12 years
Larry Schulte                  Alleman              12 years
Barry Swanson               Galesburg           12 years
Thom Sigel                     Rock Island        11 years*
Frank Dexter                  Moline                 10 years

But Jay has a long ways to go to become Alleman’s longest tenured basketball coach. Although Don Morris only coached 12 years in the WB6, he coached a total of 33 years at Alleman in boys basketball. He coached 21 years before the WB6 was formed and then 12 years in the WB6.

Congratulations to Coach Hatch on his 400th win. Jay has certainly provided quality teaching and coaching to Alleman for the last 19 years in girls basketball. 

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