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Friday, December 16, 2011

Tai Peachey- What's College Like?

Tai Peachey is now a freshmen at Olivet Nazarene University in Bourbonnais. She is also a member of the women’s basketball team. ONU plays in the NAIA division, and is probably the most high scoring women’s team in America. They are a “system” team and averaging 101 point per game. They have twice been over 120 point this year, and over 110 in five games. They are presently 10-3.

Tai has been able to get in all 13 games as a point guard. She is presently averaging 6.8 minutes per game which translates to about 8-10 shifts per game- pretty good for a freshmen. Tai is #3 on the team with 23 assists. She also has 13 offensive rebounds, 10 steals, and averages 2.8ppg.

I got to ask Tai some questions about her college experience.

What have you enjoyed most about college?
I love having the freedom to hang out with my friends whenever I want.

What part of high school do you miss most?
I miss knowing everyone.  In college, you are meeting people and everywhere you look there is someone new.

What things do you not like about college?
I don't like that teachers and upperclassmen expect us freshmen to know everything-right from the start.

How do you rate your cafeteria food? Best meal?
I love our cafeteria food! Breakfast is the best!! hash browns, eggs, ketchup, and syrup :)

If you get a chance, where in your college town do you like to go out to eat the most?
My friends and I like to eat at Taco Johns. haha  There's also a frozen yogurt place that I like.

What is your dorm or apartment arrangement?
I live in the freshmen girls dorm closest to the gym.  I just have one roommate, Tammy, she plays basketball with me.  There is a community bathroom and its pretty nice. I really hate when girls are lazy and don't clean their hair out of the showers, though. I love dorm life! I am a couple rooms down from 2 friends from Galesburg so it's fun that we can still hang out.  

What classes did you take this first term?
I took, History and Philosophy of Education, College Writing 1, Math for El. Ed. teachers, Christian Ministries, and Christian Formation, this term.  

What has been your favorite class so far this year? Why?
My favorite class was Christian Ministries.  I had a great Prof. and the class was good too.

What do you do with any free time?
In my free time I hang out in my friend's rooms or watch Chuck with Tammy.  (I also watch Survivor on Wednesday nights)

What from high school experience do you feel helped prepare you for college?
My dad was very helpful while I was in high school by not letting me take blow off classes.  I took classes that would help me with what career path I wanted to go into.  My Child Care and Guidance class was very helpful, as was Community studies, and some of my core classes.  I felt very prepared for college.

Now that you have experienced college, if you could go back to high school would you change anything as you prepare for college?
I would change how I handled the social media around me.  I would have come up with a way to be really disciplined with turning off my phone and computer so I could focus on my work.  At college it is hard to make myself stay focused when there is so much around to distract me.  If I would have been disciplined in hs with this stuff I wouldn't have as much of a problem here at school.

What advice would you give to hs students? In particular what advice would you give to hs seniors?
Enjoy it all! Don't wish it away.  Do you work and be open to new people and new opportunities.  

What have been your time demands playing basketball?
Practice takes between 1-2.5hrs a day.  It's a big time commitment with preseason, practice, and games but its worth it. 

What are the biggest challenges going in as a freshmen player?
The biggest challenge for me is that I am having to prove myself all over again, because these people are just getting to know me.  I really have to show everyone that I can work hard and help the team.  

The best part about playing college basketball is?
Playing basketball in college!! It's huge! It is a whole new level.  I enjoy my team and being able to play and travel with them.

Advice you would give to your former teammates if they are planning to play college basketball?
Don't get down on yourself when you mess up.  Keep your head up and keep working hard!  You're on the team for a reason.

Any advice to this year's team?
Encourage each other to give your best at all times. You can do it!! :)

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