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Friday, December 23, 2011

Megan Young- What's College Like?

Megan Young is a freshman at Augustana College. As you might anticipate, Megan seems to enjoy college!

What have you enjoyed most about college?
I love being able to choose my own classes and plan out my day. Also,
since I live by my friends college is pretty much a never ending

What part of high school do you miss most?
BASKETBALL. In hindsight, I know playing basketball has been the most
rewarding and memorable activity I have participated in. Similarly,
after a game I could always go home and talk to my parents about what
happened and they would make me feel better, but in college, you're on
your own.

What things do you not like about college?
It can be SO stressful. In high school, I never had to spend hours at
the library regularly during the week and the reading was never THAT
bad. I like the challenge, but at the same time high school seemed
like a cake walk.

How do you rate your cafeteria food? Best meal?
I think its funny that Jessica does not like her cafeteria food,
because when I went to Monmouth to visit her I was very impressed. My
cafeteria food is so-so, sometimes its really good and sometimes I eat
cereal for dinner.

If you get a chance, where in your college town do you like to go
out to eat the most?
I don't really eat out much, but when we do my friends and I have
gone to Panera Bread or Olive Garden. One time Jamie and I went to
Panera Bread actually. La Ranch is a great place for cheap Mexican

What is your dorm or apartment arrangement? What do you like best about dorm life? Worst?
I have one roommate and a big community bathroom. Even though sharing
the bathroom can be gross, I think it provides a sense of unity
because you all have to deal with it. I have good friends that live on
my floor so there is always something to do. Probably the worst thing
about dorm life is doing dishes and laundry.

What classes did you take this first term?
Spanish 201, The Art of Listening, and an honors intro to liberal
arts class ( it was centered around epistemology). This trimester I am
taking Spanish 202, Psych 100, Africana Studies and Honors (science,
religion, and ethics).

What has been your favorite class so far this year? Why?
I would have to say both of my honors classes.The class was taught by
a mathematician so I had to adjust the way I wrote, and spend hours on
homework and papers. Even though the class was difficult, I enjoyed
the challenge and feel like I've gained a new perspective. I love the
professor I have for my honors religion class now, and I find the
class really interesting. We  recently learned about different ways
people interpret the bible and ways that scientists and theologians
incorporate scientific discovery/evolution into Christianity.

What do you do with any free time?
My friends and I do yoga, aerobics, and I play intramural basketball
on Sundays. I actually play on the same team as the pointguard from
Ottowa. On Thursdays I go with a group of people to teach Spanish at a
nearby elementary school. I love a good nap.

What from high school experience do you feel helped prepare you for college?
I think playing basketball has not only helped my work ethic but
taught me how to get along with other people. Some people really
struggle when it comes to communicating and working with other
students, and professors but I think basketball has really helped with
that. Working hard and taking challenging classes in high school
helped me prepare for the rigor of college classes.

Now that you have experienced college, if you could go back to
high school would you change anything as you prepare for college?
Maybe learning how to do laundry before I got to college.

What advice would you give to hs students? In particular what
advice would you give to hs seniors?
Work hard and try different things!! Take challenging classes and
enjoy your friends. Don't try to grow up too fast and learn from the
mistakes you make.

What are you doing in terms of physical activity?
I do yoga, running, step aerobics, kick boxing, and play intramural
basketball. It's hard not having practice everyday like I did in high
school so I have to find other things to do.

Any advice to this year's team?
Work hard everyday! Enjoy each other, the coaches, and the
opportunities you have. Don't take any game for granted! I believe in
you guys :)

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