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Friday, June 22, 2012

Norte Dame Weekend

We left at 6:15 and arrived at South Bend at midnight (eastern). We ran into heavy semi truck traffic going around Chicago. That made for an unrelaxing drive. The Liebers had the joy of having a barking dog in room next to them.

 After about 3 tries and 45 minutes, we made the ten minute drive to registration. I had been forewarned it was chaotic. I would agree. We did not have to wait really long but it did not have organized steps one would expect. Getting into the dorms was complicated. The ND campus evidently normally does not allow traffic. So they ushered us on campus then right off.

 Coach meeting and player meetings were well done. Coach McGraw talked to players about having a sense of urgency. "Your season started the day after the last ended, time waste opportunities to get better." Both the JV and varsity teams started with wins. The JV beat Oswego 35-17 and varsity beat Peru Indiana 54-30. The varsity had a spectacular three point shooting game. The game was 21-18 with two minutes to goin the half and we out scored them 12-0 to take a 30-18lead.

 The cafeteria was not great but hopefully will be better. The dorm rooms are the smallest I have seen. In evening our jv squad lost a VERY physical matchup. We were matched up vs Rockford Lutheran who was top 5 in 2A last year and I believe will go in 3A this year. They return an all state point guard who is the best we have played this summer. We pressed very well and made her really work to break pressure. Every time they made a run, we got the ball in and up the floor quickly.

Without a doubt it was our best game of the summer. We had 10 players score, we ran, we rebounded, we pressed, and we drained some threes. I would put this in one of my top ten summer games to watch- two good teams playing hard and we win by 14. My all time favorite was in 1992 at Michigan camp when on last day we won championship game. After we stood waiting for Amy's uncle to pick us up. The other team drove by, slowed down, rolled windows down and coach/players all fingered us. It was classic.

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