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Friday, June 29, 2012

Entitlement vs. Investment

As I travel around the country and work out with the best of the best from the High School, College, and NBA levels, I am continually reminded of what these players have in common that makes them  great:
               they want to get better
               they want to know everything they can that will help them become a better basketball player
               they are committed to improvement of their bodies and their game
               they are very serious about the game every time they hit the floor
               they want to be coached
The best example I can give you is Kobe Bryant.  He once told me that he does not work out any more…he now blacks out.  He said that a workout just isn't enough anymore if he's going to stay on top of his game and take on all the players he knows are going to challenge him.  He said he has to go beyond what all other players are doing.  He took his to a higher level.  He took his to black out status!

What Kobe also was saying is what all players need to hear and need to know.  He is willing to invest in his improvement and not stay the same.  He was willing to invest in his future and not stay the same.  He is willing to invest in his game and not feel that he is entitled to be great, entitled to take every shot, entitled to have everything given to him.  He was, and is, going to earn it.

The lesson here is one that I tell every one of the great players I work with:  it’s not about entitlement if you want to be the best.  It’s about investment.  

This is from Kevin Eastman, Boston Celtics Assistant Coach

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