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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Notre Dame Day 3

We finished off a good weekend at Notre Dame. Our Galesburg #2 finished with 4-3 record.

The varsity team "lost" their first game to Minooka in OT. I say "lost" because with us up by 6 in first half, the scorekeeper switched us from being red to being green on the board. So we immediately went from 6 up to 6 down, a 12 point swing. We fought back and tied the game, got a last shot but did not convert. We then lost in OT.

In the last game we won by 12 vs somebody- they switched games I don't know who we played.

We got on the road by 11:15 central time and made it back to Galesburg a little before 4pm.

A big thanks to Eric and Jennifer Lieber who each drove a van to ND. We could not have had the weekend we did without them.

Another big thanks to Jessica Howard and Megan Young who were the dorm chaperones for our girls, and who helped Coach Rux and I coach the teams. They did a good job.

But the biggest thanks to our players for their hard work, their willingness to receive coaching (criticism and praise), their work in in getting along. It was an outstanding weekend.

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