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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Training Camp

This month I had the opportunity to read Jon Gordon's book- Training Camp. I was encouraged to read it after finding out it was required reading for the players and the coaches of the Philadelphia 76er's. The Boston Celtics required their players to read another Gordon book- The Energy Bus.

Gordon's books are interesting reads for athletes, leaders, and business people. He delivers his message through a fiction story. So you have the motivational messages unfold within the story lines. In Training Camp, Gordon talks about 11 traits of the "best of the best." 
Wednesday of this week, Jessica Howard asked if she could shoot on the Gun after our camp was over. Usually she shoots until she makes 100 threes. So for her it takes about 20 minutes with other shooting on the side. I asked how many she was going to shoot. She said,"150, I missed yesterday." It is not a coach telling her to do that, she has her own program, and holds herself accountable.

Thursday, she asked if she could get into the gym Friday morning to shoot and workout. She did a running program and then shot. Sure enough, Saturday night I get a text asking if she can shoot on Sunday. (My wife's idea- if a player wants in the gym, let them in.)

Jessica's work ethic and commitment are impressive. Her success is certainly no accident. Thinking about her approach, I could not help but think of the first 4 of Gordon's 11 traits of the "best of the best."

1- The Best know what they truly want.

2- The Best want it more.

3- The Best are always striving to get better.

4- The Best do ordinary things better than everyone else.

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