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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Norte Dame Day 2

Dorm life is not what it was 40 years ago. Coach Rux and I share the world's smallest dorm room. It is in an older building. We have window above our door into the hall. Inconveniently an all night hall light is right outside the window, so we could read all night long.

This morning the Galesburg #2 team started out w a tough 2-3 point loss to Andrew. At 9am the varsity played Buffalo Grove. After the intense game last night we came out flat defensively and could not buy a shot. We were about 4 for 35 for threes. We battled and came back. We had the with the score tied, with 11 seconds left I took a time out just as Sharron made a basket. After the time out we failed to get a shot off. We went on to win in overtime.

 After the game the varsity when shirt shopping. Galesburg #2 played another game and will have time off this afternoon for shopping. Game 4 this afternoon was vs Carml of Mundelein. They ran a nice press break which we initially did not handle. We went from up 8 early to down 3 at half. In first half we did not get out and run well, and lacked energy on the press. Our first two shifts of the second half were active defensively and got great things on the break. We did not get up more than three until the last two minutes. We have handled end of game situations well.

 With four minutes to go one of refs got upset because he felt we were not subbing in well.we have been sending our point guard to the table because there is no room on the sideline. Evidently this guy got tired of the 5 for 5 subbing and wanted do something about it. We played this game in "The Pit" which is the men and women's practice facility.

 Tough last game on day 2. We let one get away vs Grayslake. They were upset last year in the Supers. We lost by 5 in a good summer game. It is obvious the girls are beginning to lose a step as they get tired. Our press did not get what it usually does. Regardless of how day 3 turns out, I am very happy with our performance. The girls have beaten some good teams. Like all high school teams it is amateur of becoming more consistent. All but one of our games have been really competitive. An important thing is we have played some very well coached teams that have forced our players to think and adjust to things like press attacks.

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