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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Pictures from ND

Coach Rux coached vs. former NFL QB, Gary Hogeboom.
More recently Hogeboom was on Survivors, which
Coach Rux and he talked about. 

Players inside Notre Dame football stadium.

The "Rudy tunnel" into the football stadium.

Posing at ND Stadium.

The famous exit from the ND lockeroom. The players touch
the sign on their way out to the field. It should be noted it
has been MANY years since their play has held true to the sign.

ND football lockeroom.

Mural on the wall of the library. It is at the
end zone of the football field, thus "touchdown Jesus."

The "Golden Dome", which the players and coaches actually
stayed right next to.

Posing in front of the library.

ND dorm rooms are the smallest I have seen in any campus.
So smal that my desk was butted up the sink and the desk
had to be moved to get the chair out. Coach Rux joked a
student could write a paper and shave at the same time.

Knute Rockne statue outside the football arena.

Players lined up before game in the "Pit" the men and women's
practice gym.

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