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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Coaching Network

One of the enjoyable things in coaching is that it allows you to get to know coaches from all over. Today I got a text message from Coach Jermaine Johnson, asking me to call back. I had no idea who he was. 

I finally made connections after practice. Jermaine started the conversation,"I am a friend of Jason Shay's." After Jason had sent me some good ball screen options on Hudl last week, I figured I definitely needed to listen.
It turns out Jermaine is doing a research project on Illinois basketball. He is coach at a Memphis, Tennessee high school where his team won the 2010 Tennessee State Championshiip.

It was interesting to talk to him. He told how he had done research on the history of the ball press in Illinois, and wanted to do something on our program using the System. It was really interesting to talk to him and to send him some of our material. 

It turns out that I need to thank Jason for one more thing- good to meet a good coach from Tennessee. 

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