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Monday, January 9, 2012

Allison Mangieri- Runs & Shoots

Allison Mangieri has emerged as one of those players meant for playing the system. She athletic and can press, she can run (not as long as her sisters), and she can shoot. Quite simply she can contribute so many different ways. Probably most of all, she is able to be a leader by her unselfishness and her work ethic. We are certainly lucky to have Allison in our basketball program!!

What did you enjoy the most in the summer basketball program?
I enjoyed games the most because we got to play numerous teams and I wasn't scared to try new things like dribbling behind the back. If I made a turnover, I didn't get down on myself because it was just a summer league game as oppose to a conference game.

You have had a chance to go to Tennessee and to Carolina to camp. What is your analysis of the pros/cons of each?
I liked Tennessee because we had the chance to watch the Tennessee girls play and it was a shorter bus ride than Carolina. However, i disliked the food at Tennessee, the hills, and the dorms were scary haha. Carolina had better dorms and food. Plus, there was a pool just outside the dorms so that was nice. The only downfall about Carolina was how long it took to get there, but we did alot of fun things on the way which helped.

Your sisters were big in running and you end up in basketball. How did that work?
This is a scary thought, but I used to want to do everything my big sister Dorothy did. I would have never got involved in basketball if it wasn't for her asking me to play 1 on 1 all the time when we were younger. From what I remember she was really good at basketball. Once she got to junior high she decided to join cross country and realized she was a natural runner. Same goes for my younger sister Rachael. She was really good at running until she developed asthma last year. As for me, I only ran in junior high because I liked to stay in shape. I do track now for the same reason. I ended up in basketball because it's something I have passion for, like my sisters have passion for running.

When did you really decide you were "into basketball?" What got you fired up?
Eighth grade year was when I decided I was into basketball. The previous year I played second string point guard and hardly ever got pt. This really affected me because I knew I didn't get the chance to prove myself and I wanted to be good just like Dorothy was. Come try-outs eighth grade year I had a different approach to basketball- I was going to work hard. As a result, I was a starting guard and played alot more. I thank Coach Wynne for believing in me and allowing me to prove myself.

Playing the "system" is a lot different than what you had been used to. What are your thoughts on your experiences?
My thoughts have been all over the place about the system. Last season I really didn't have a clue what it was like until summer when I was a junior and would be a regular player. Running the system in the summer was fun because I know I was more relaxed and confident as a 2. All in all, I like the system because it's fun to run it and we have strong defensive players.

What is the biggest pressure situation you have ever been in basketball?
When the varsity team beat Moline last year at their gym was definitely a pressure situation for everyone, playing or not!

What has been you most exciting bball experience at GHS?
So far, it is beating Moline sophomore year which was our last game of the season. Everyone played smart and together and I didn't want the game to end. It was a rewarding experience because each player contributed to the win and Coach Rux was really happy.

What players or players have given you the most inspiration or guidance?
When I was younger I looked up to Libby White because she was so nice to me at all the camps and gave me her number to go to the ymca with her sometime to shoot.. I felt so cool hahaha. Also, all five seniors from last year have inspired me in different ways.

What is the best basketball advice anyone has given to you?
Play your game, set your teammates up, and don’t try to control things that you just can't.

Besides Galesburg, what is your favorite gym to play in?
I liked playing at EIUs gym last year.

You had Coach Allison as a junior high coach and then again now on the varsity. How has that been?
It's been a good experience. I know she cares about each player and wants us to succeed as individuals as well as a team.

What advice would you give to junior high basketball players?
Don't ever get discouraged or doubt your basketball abilities. Things change and you never know what will happen once you enter high school.

Does any family in Galesburg have more food fixed for their meals than your family? If your mom and dad opened a restaurant, what would be the top things on their menu?
Hmmm.. I think the Carl's would probably have just about the same amount of food on the table haha.  Now if my mom and dad opened a restaurant they'd have lasagna, spaghetti and meatballs, Italian roast beef, and anything my mom has ever baked!

What was your favorite class last term?
Aerobics! Not only did we sleep on Fridays, we had days where we everyone brought food in and we just ate all block.

What is the best class you have had at GHS?
So far it is World History II with Mr. Miller.

What is the toughest class you have had at GHS?
College prep chemistry...
Who is your all-time favorite teacher?
My kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Sandall!

What is the best movie you have seen in the last year?
Breaking Dawn.. I love the twilight series!

What is your favorite TV show?
I don't watch TV alot but right now I'm into The Walking Dead

Do you have a favorite sport or team to watch on TV?
Chicago Bulls

What is the best book you have read?
On Mystic Lake

What do you think you would like to do after you graduate?
 Play basketball at a community college.

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