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Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Assistant Coach- Next Head Coach??

Coach Rux has been an assistant coach for over 20 years. Coach Barshinger has been coaching for over 10 years. And Coach Andie Allison has been coaching for several years. I have been coaching at least 50 years. So it is probably time we begin to train the next generation of coaches to run the Streaks program. On Saturday at Queen of Peace we started our training program for the future of the Streaks program.

So, who is the coach in waiting for the Streaks program?

On the bench was Molly Allison, daughter of Reed  & Katie Allison, grandaughter of Bill & Joyce Allison, and niece of Andie Allison. When asked if she wanted to sit next to Coach Massey or to the players, she looked at me and moved to right to Paige Klinck. I guess that means she is more of a "player's coach". We struggled thru three quarters, then she came to the bench for the fourth quarter-- result-- blow out. So at this point, Molly Allison a perfect 1-0 as a coach!!!

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