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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dani Teel- Non-Stop Action

Dani Teel is a junior for the Streaks, playing her first year of varsity basketball. She would be considered someone with “an active motor.” She definitely “gets it” in terms of knowing that she is supposed to go at 100% of her max while she is in. Definitely the system is a good fit for Dani.

What did you enjoy the most in the summer basketball program?essage body
I think I enjoyed learning what the system was about and bonding with the whole team.  Marisa and I met a lot of friends in NC so that was fun!

How do you feel you have improved since last year?
Even though it doesn't show much I think my shooting has improved (definitely needs more work though) and my defense.

Playing the "system" is a lot different than what you had been used to. What are your thoughts on your experiences?
I really like it, going hard for forty seconds is so much easier then saving energy and getting tired during regular basketball.  I think that going back to the normal way of play would be really weird!

What has been the most nerve racking thing for you this year? What has been the most fun?
I think either going into the game of Meet the Streaks or the first game vs. Dunlap.  I was just so nervous to go into my first  varsity game of my career.  The most fun is getting to know everyone even more.  We all bond so well and it is just fun talking to all my teammates.

What has been you most exciting bball experience at GHS?
I would have to say two times.  Our last game sophomore year we had to beat Moline in order for them to not win the championship, we ended up getting a steal and winning the game.  It was definitely something to remember.  Another obvious one was winning against Dunlap this year when Jess made the last second three, I know we didn't win the state tournament but I think it showed everyone that we were a good team and had something to prove. 

What is the best basketball advice anyone has given to you?
My dad has always told me that defense will win the game, and I think that is why I try my hardest on defense. 

What has been your favorite class at GHS so far? Why?
My favorite class at GHS would probably have to be one of my honors math classes,  that is very "nerdy" to say but we always would make up stupid inside jokes of what we were learning. It also helps that the same kids have been in my math classes since freshman year so we were all so comfortable with each other! Mrs. Knicker and Mrs. Eisemann are really good teachers that made a horrible subject like math fun to learn (sometimes).

You are a huge Illini fan. Why? What are your favorite Illini experiences/memories?
 The University of Illinois is a big family school for me, I think that I am such a big fan because my dad went there and managed the men's basketball team while he attended U of I.  I have SO many memories made in Champaign, but one that stands out big time is meeting the 2005 Illinois basketball team.  Since my dad is a basketball alumni we got a letter asking if we wanted to attend the practice along with the alumni game that night, since it was the 100th year anniversary.  I got the whole team's autographs, talked with them and took pictures that was something i definitely won't forget!  Another one is after an Illinois game my dad and two friends went to the mall and Roger Powell (player) was there and he rode the merry-go-round with us and took a picture on his phone.

What advice would you give to junior high basketball players?
My advice would be to always try your hardest and never give up because with hard work and commitment you can go far places...not just in basketball either.

What are your hopes after high school?
Of course I plan to attend U of I and major in elementary education and a minor in marketing.  I want to teach first grade and possibly open up my own clothing boutique later on!

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