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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Emma Junk- Second Year Full-Time Varsity

Emma Junk is a junior, playing her second year as full-time on the varsity. She had a tough summer, battling a stress fracture for most of the summer. She worked very hard on her game to improve her ballhandling and her shooting.

What did you enjoy the most in the summer basketball program?
Hosting League, its really a privilege we don’t have to travel. 

Playing the "system" is a lot different than what you had been used to. What are your thoughts on your experiences?
        It makes the game so much more interesting, not only for the player but in most cases the audience too. There is more sense of a team, because to run the system you need your teammates to win more than traditional ball. You have to trust each one to do their job on the court and by trusting them on the court you find yourself trusting them off the court as well. My experience playing "the system" has been a positive one.

What has been the most nerve racking thing for you this year? 
           Trying cross country for the first time. I usually am not one to get nervous but that first time I stepped up to the line listening for the gun to fire, I almost peed myself right there. After the anxiety of the first race though the fact that I was slower than I had originally saw myself as made my nerves go away. 

What has been you most exciting bball experience at GHS?
          Probably the first time I dressed varsity at the Moline game my freshman year. I remember the student section chanting my last name during warm-ups because apparently they were infatuated with the last name junk. I remember the seniors telling them to "shut up" and laughing with me.  It eased my nerves and made me realize watching them play ball that night from the bench that I too wanted to be a varsity girls basketball player. from that moment on, every game excited me. from my first run out with the varsity to super sectional game as a sophmore to looking at my teammates in the locker room after our first victory this year and smiling because I was excited to see what this season was yet to bring. I was excited for not only the present but also for the future. 

What players or players have given you the most inspiration or guidance?
        Megan young- I never watched girls ball growing up so I never looked up to any of them. even though Megan was only a year older than me she inspired me. She always had a positive thing to say about everything. She wasn’t the star but a great player, a great team player and as a sophomore on a varsity team she gave me the best guidance. She yes played basketball but also got good grades and was active in and outside of the school, I hope I also can "look the same" to someone else someday.  

What is the best basketball advice anyone has given to you?
           Everything you do, you do better with confidence. and you should know the  difference between cockiness and confidence. tell yourself, "I know I can." 

Besides Galesburg, what is your favorite gym to play in?
                I don’t really like any of them to be honest. You can’t hear at Alleman very well. Quincy, well its like playing at Costa again, just a small gym. Sorry not trying to be a pessimist folks, but Galesburg really is the best gym, no doubts about it. 

What advice would you give to junior high basketball players?
            Learn how to dribble, no matter what position you play it will help you in every aspect of the game. 

What was your favorite class last term?
              American studies

What is the best movie you have seen in the last year?
              The Lincoln Lawyer.

What is your favorite TV show?
         Gilmore Girls and Criminal Minds. 

What is the most demanding class you have taken at GHS?
               Honors American studies

Do you have a favorite sport or team to watch on TV?
          Penn State- volleyball 

What is the best book you have read?
     Crank- Ellen Hopkins

Who is your all-time favorite teacher?
Mrs. Qualls, she connects with students in a way I’ve neither seen another teacher do. 

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