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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Last Second Play - No Accident

The Bulls won tonight on a last second play. They took the ball out of bounds on the sideline. The ball was inbounded to Joakim Noah. It appeared that Luol Deng was then going to down to screen for who else- Derrick Rose. Rose was going to come off the Deng screen for a handoff from Noah. But the handoff never took place....

Instead of screening for Rose, Deng cut off him and went right to the basket. Noah passed directly to Deng who had a wide open layup to win the game.

Is it something they just drew up in the time out before. Nope.

According to Rose, DRose is 1st option on game-winning play. Noah made read. Deng cut. 

Rose: "We run it every single day after practice. We see it works now."

I wonder how many players in America in high school, college, and the pros go over the same stupid plays 5 on 0, over and over. And as they go thru the plays think, "This is stupid, I know how to run the play." But thru the repetition of practice it becomes natural and automatic, so when the game is on the line- the players can execute. 

Repetition + Focus = Execution. Execution under pressure = Victory!!

Here is the replay of the end of the game....

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