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Monday, January 16, 2012

Chloe Anderson- She Gets It

Chloe Anderson is a junior on the varsity. She played mainly on the soph team last year. At the end of the year we started playing her several shifts a night with the varsity, and she sure took advantage of it. She was important in our run to the Elite 8. Chloe is a very good fit for what we are doing in “The System”, she gets it in terms of just playing hard. She NEVER goes half speed.

What did you enjoy the most in the summer basketball program?
            I enjoyed the trip to Carolina.  It was a much different experience from Tennessee.

You have had a chance to go to Tennessee and to Carolina to camp. What is your analysis of the pros/cons of each?
            The camp at Tennessee had a more personal feel.  Tennessee players stayed on the floors in our dorms and they joked with us before and after games.  I liked the dorms and cafeteria food at Carolina better.

You had your cousin playing for another team at Carolina camp. Did you get to talk or hang out with her at all? Were either of you trash talkers?
            I talked to her before and after our games some when we saw each other in the gym.  The first day there we ran into each other at the pool so we talked for a while then too.  Neither of us trash talked, but we laughed afterwards about guarding each other. 

Playing the "system" is a lot different than what you had been used to. What are your thoughts on your experiences?
            I love playing the "system" and now can't imagine going back to playing traditional basketball.  It actually drives me nuts when I watch other teams and they seem to be moving so slow.  At first it was difficult to get transition to such a fast-paced style of play, but now it's fun and exciting to play like we do. 

What is the biggest pressure situation you have ever been in basketball?
            The biggest pressure situation I have been in would be last year against Hillcrest when I missed my free throws.  

What has been you most exciting bball experience at GHS?
            The most exciting basketball experience at GHS for me would be last year when we made it to the Elite 8.

What players or players have given you the most inspiration or guidance?
            Paige has inspired me.  She always works hard and works to get everyone pumped up for games.  She's a positive team leader.

What is the best basketball advice anyone has given to you?
            Advice my parents have given me for anything: give everything 100%, no excuses. 

Besides Galesburg, what is your favorite gym to play in?
            Churchill's gym is fun to play in because it brings back memories.

You had Coach Allison as a junior high coach and then again now on the varsity. How has that been?
            I liked Coach Allison in junior high so it's fun to have her as a coach now on varsity because I still like her. It's funny… a seventh grade Chloe picked out Coach Allison's boyfriend. Where would she be without me?

What advice would you give to junior high basketball players?
            Always work hard and don't get discouraged. Put in your best effort every day, and take advice and use it to get better.

What was your favorite class last term?
            American Studies with Qualls and Hickey

What is the best class you have had at GHS?
            Math classes with Mrs. Knicker

What is the toughest class you have had at GHS?
            Ap Calc

Who is your all-time favorite teacher?
            Mrs. Knicker and Ms. Wiley- Parkin

What is the best movie you have seen in the last year?
            I'm bad with movies.. Mission Impossible with the team is the last one I saw.

What is your favorite TV show?
            I like cooking shows.

Do you have a favorite sport or team to watch on TV?
            Any men's college basketball

What is the best book you have read?
            Pride and Prejudice and Mothers and Daughters

What do you think you would like to do after you graduate?
             I would like to go to college (don't know where yet), and become a neonatal nurse. 

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