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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Streaks Win Regional Title

Photo by Ray Mendez of Mendez Photographic-- thanks Ray!!
The Streaks won their 20th Regional Title!! After jumping out to a 43-28 lead, we held on for a nail biting 55-52 win. Jessica Howard hit two clutch free throws at the end of the game to put the game away.

It was an exciting night for the Streaks. I am so happy for our players who have been involved on the varsity for 2, 3, and 4 years and have not won a Regional title before.

It was not pretty but there were so many efforts to be proud of. Jessica Lieber and Tai Peachey both drained threes to keep us in the lead. Jamie Johnson was our main offense in the first half. Mickey Rodriguez got a key deflection and steal. Myra Diggins got the big defensive board to ice the game. Sadee Hamilton was Sadee. It goes on and on-- a total team effort. But I am especially proud of Megan Young. She had a tough week with illness but there was never any doubt she would answer the bell. Tonight we had a bad shift going and I turned to the next five who would be going in and said they needed to have a strong shift. After I left, I heard Megan "getting in her groups face." She let them know that their shift was going to turn things around-- and they did. Great leadership!!!

Can you believe the huge Streaks crowd that showed up-- THANK YOU! It was like old times when we had probably 4 times as many fans as Sterling. Win or lose, that makes our kids feel special!

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  1. Congratulations on winning the regional! It was like old times. The second half was rather nerve racking. The way it turned out, every play was big. Sterling deserves a lot of credit. That second half they didn't look as if they were playing their third game in 4 days. The Streaks dug deep and did what they needed to do to win. There's a lot of credit to go around. On to Metamora.