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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Senior Players- A Surprise for You!

The parents of the senior players have stepped to the plate to answer some questions about their daughter’s and their daughter’s classmates.

When your daughter headed off to kindergarten, was she more excited or scared? What were your emotions as parents?

Norma & Patricio- Micaela started all day pre-school at age 3, she was excited since she was an only child and usually hung with adults. She refused to wear anything but skirts and dresses that whole first year! Since she didnt speak any English we were nervous at first but it didnt take long for her to adapt and make friends. She had so much fun that first week that after school she refused a few times to go home with us at pick up time!!  

Gail - Tai was very excited for kindergarten--her big brother Isaiah loved school and we had often visited the school.  "Selfishly--I had wanted another year with Tai before she started school--when I found out that I didn't have to send her until she was 6 we decided to hold onto to her for another year--it was a wonderful year and we've never regretted it!

Chris & Amy- Jessica was very scared & nervous when she went to kindergarten – she was very shy. It was an emotional time for all of us and lots of tears. Carly was born a week after Jessica started kindergarten (lots of hormones going on there) and it was also Chelsey’s first day of pre-school.

Terri- Jamie was so excited her first day of school mainly because she got to get on the bus and exactly go somewhere. Russell the bus driver let Jamie get on the bus with her older brother almost every day.( just to visit of course) Except for one day Jamie and I had to pick up Brandon and while I went in the school Russell not only let Jamie get on the bus but when Brandon and I came out he was taking her for a bus ride around the school parking lot.  I was pretty sure Jamie would be fine starting school beings how she already had the bus driver wrapped around her finger.

Bill & Chris- She was excited, we couldn't believe she was in kindergarten already.

In grade school was your daughter the one the teacher could not get to shut up or the one they could not get to speak up?

Gail - I don't remember Tai having issues either way--she loved her teachers (they were amazingly supportive and reached out to Tai's family too much to Seth's delight)

Chris & Amy- Jessica was very shy and soft spoken. She was not the class clown.

Terri- Seriously, we all know the answer to this, but I can confirm it with a story about getting 3 detention in one week. That was in the 6th grade.  Jamie finally realized no matter what she was the one that ALWAYS got caught.  She’d say, “but mom they talked to me first.” That’s when I had to let her know in some cases you have to ignore other kids. I believe Ryan McElmurry could have been one that was in Jamie’s class and was smart enough to shut up before he got caught.

Norma & Patricio- She was not a "talker" but not quiet either, she was a "social" kid.

Bill & Chris- Megan would bring home the occasional note about talking too much and needing to keep her hands to herself.

I know with my son when he was little and even today, there are times with sports, it is hard not to laugh because they can be so funny. Do you have any memories of your daughter in sports when she was little where she did something that cracked you up?

Gail - Tai's earliest sporting activities bring memories that make me smile . . . Tai in purple leotards at the age of 3 taking tumbling, also at the age of three starting YMCA swim lessons (I still remember the transformation in Tai's personality when she got into the water with her swim teacher and learned how to swim--it was like someone switched on her "happy child" switch.  Always loved watching Tai and her brothers play basketball on the sidelines of Girl's Basketball practice.

Chris & Amy- YMCA soccer her kindergarten year. As you know if you have seen one of the games at that age all the kids are around the ball at all times and they move like a school of fish. As is still the norm, Jessica had a large family presence at her first game. She was not keeping up with the “school” and one of her grandmas said, “Come on Jessica let’s go”! Jessica ran off the field to our spot and was ready to “go”. It was classic. YMCA basketball her 3rd grade year. This was her first year playing basketball and her coach was Jay Wiechmann who is now a referee. The first time she went up for a rebound and she spiked the ball Jay said, “Jessica this is basketball not volleyball”. He just shook his head and laughed like how was he going to make a basketball player out of her. Another classic.

Terri- Jamie has given her stepdad and I  many reasons to crack up over the years with her mouth wide open and tongue constantly out while running, dribbling and for sure tongue was out almost every time she went for a layup. And we won’t ever forget one of Jamie’s most recent embarrassing moments that cracked us up and that was ripping her warm up pants off and not having her game shorts on. Thank God she always wears spandex shorts in addition to other under garments. I often crack up when I read things that I didn’t know about until I read them, like what’s her favorite food, anything edible. She’s honest almost to a fault.

Chris- Megan's first year playing baseball was with the boys. She fielded a ball that apparently  Mark Zhorne didn't think she would catch so he left first to make a play on the ball, Megan threw to first anyway with no one there.

Bill- Megan would always come up with a pose for individual pictures for y basketball.

I have positive memories of spending time doing sports things with my son when he was little. Do you have some special memories?

Gail - We've enjoyed all the phases of Tai's sporting life. As a family we have all shared in some great sporting opportunities.  Having a special "in" during Steve's coaching years with the Streaks has been extremely dear to us.  Special trips on the team bus and watching Tai interact with the different players over the years have been priceless events to watch as her parents. Watching her dream of being a Streak and working hard to continue the legacy has been great to share. 

Chris- What Jessica failed to mention (on the blog) was that the year she played baseball for Harley Knosher, I was one of the assistants. He really is a great coach, great motivator and just a really good man. Another thing that I found out was that he is very intense! The thing that I feel Jessica learned from Harley is that if you work hard good things will happen – sound familiar? We won the league tournament that year and by all accounts really shouldn’t have.
When we put up the basketball hoop on the garage and I painted an approximate 3 point arc. There really is not a left wing to shoot from. She, to this day shoots better from the top of the key and the right side. A couple of the neighbors mentioned “does she do anything but bounce that ball”? I intentionally didn’t put a good light out there so she would come in the house.

Terri- Jamie’s stepfather and I have so many great memories from all the years Jamie has played basketball and even when she played baseball.  We watched her in the cold pouring down rain, we watched while it was so hot we were soaked from sweating wildly, but Jerry and I have both said if we had to do it all over again we wouldn’t change a thing! For us one of the things we won’t forget and have enjoyed is after a game (after she has eaten of course) Jamie comes into our bedroom to tell us goodnight, sits on the edge of the bed and talks about the game; how she thought she played, what should of happened, what didn’t happened and just looking forward to the next game.

Chris- Both of us learning how to throw and catch together.

Bill- We spent a lot of time together shooting, playing one on one, and learning how to hit and throw. I would not trade those evenings for anything in the world.

Chris & Bill- We enjoyed all of the people we met through all the sports and trips to games.

 As parents, we are always concerned about who are children interact with. Hopefully you feel your daughter's teammates have provided your daughter with a positive experience.  If you would like, what would be a message you would like to write to your daughter's teammates?

Gail - OK . . . now the eyes start filling up . . . Girls . . . you are the type of team Steve and I have dreamed about for our kids . . . teenagers with integrity and character, hard workers, teachable, appreciative of their families, good students, inclusive and fun to be around.  

Chris & Amy- Well these 5 seniors have played together for several years now – some longer than others – we have an awesome picture of Jessica & Jamie from 3rd grade YMCA basketball! None of them have ever been in trouble (the kind that Chris deals with) and are all great student athletes. We would just like to say “Thank you” for being a good friend to Jessica and making good decisions on and off the basketball court! All your hard work has made this “Last year” of basketball an amazing journey and we are proud of all of you!

Terri- Boy try not to cry over this question. I (Jamie’s mom) truly love each and every one of her teammates and the two best managers a team could ask for. Some I’ve known for almost 10 years and others I have just really gotten to know in the past couple of years but feel very close to, so I want them to know I wish them the very best in life, they are always welcome in my home (where they have already spent a ton of time), and I would do anything for them because I firmly believe Jamie is a good girl and a lot of that is because of  these girls. So I want to also thank them (for putting up with Jamie’s crap) JUST KIDDING!!!!  It has been a pleasure getting to know them and I will miss them a ton.

Norma & Patricio- I know Mickey has enjoyed her experience with each and every one of you, not only does she come home with funny stories but speaks about what a true team you are! As parents and fans you have also given us some great memories, thank you!! (both) I know all of you will be successful in your future endeavors!

Bill & Chris- Thank you for all the memories and friendship you have shared with our family.  We have truly been blessed to have such a group of girls who get along so well. We will miss you more than you will ever know.

Picking out one word to describe this team, what is your word?

Gail - family,   We, also view them as our family.
Chirs H- Extraordinary/Unassuming
Terri- Unity
Norma & Patricio- Commitment.
Chris- perseverance   
Bill: Semper fi

 As you have watched your daughter practice and play basketball, hopefully you feel she has learned some positive things she will take with her. What lessons or characteristics do you hope your daughter takes with her from her basketball experience?

Gail - From basketball, I hope Tai will take with her, the lessons of discipline, the value of receiving constructive criticism, and a teachable spirit.

Chris & Amy- Humility, dedication, loyalty and a good work ethic. PMA – positive mental attitude!

Terri- I think Jamie has learned how to stay positive and focused in situations (games) when things aren’t looking so good.

Norma & Patricio- Prioritizing, commitment, adapting to different situations, dealing with conflict, getting along with others, work hard pays off , have fun!

Bill & Chris- We feel that she has realized the importance of a good work ethic, that great things are possible through hard work, and the importance of being a team player.

When I watch my daughter play, I am proud that______.

Gail     Tai works hard, receives instruction, sees her coaches, teammates, opposing players & coaches, refs and fans as                         special and valued by God and worthy of her respect

Chris & Amy- We are proud that: Jessica has continued to be a great TEAM player and plays hard and to the best of her abilities until the final buzzer!

Norma & Patricio- She has worked hard towards her goals ,is a team player, and always remains positive.   

Bill & Chris- She always gives her best effort, she always displays good sportsmanship, and she has achieved her goal of becoming a Silver Streak!   

You are an employer. You have to pick out one of the seniors to fill the following things for you.

Mickey  (Gail)
Megan (Howards)
Jessica, Sarah (Terri)
Tai (Rodriguez’s)
Sarah (Youngs)

CEO of your company-  
Megan (Gail)
Lauren (Howards)
Megan, Tai (Terri)
Micaela (Rodriguez’s)
Lauren  (Youngs)

Basketball coach –
Tai  (Gail)
Tai (Howards)
Jamie, Jessica (Terri)
Tai (Rodriguez’s)
Tai (Youngs)

UFC Wrestler –
Coach Rux  (Gail)
Jamie  (Howards)
Megan (Terri)
Jamie  (Rodriguez’s)

Standup Comedian –
Jamie  (Gail)
Megan (Howards)
Jamie (Terri)
Megan (Rodriguez’s)
Jamie  (Youngs)

Librarian –
Lauren  (Gail)
Mickey (Howards)
Tai, Mickey  (Terri)
Jessica (Rodriguez’s)
Mickey (Youngs)

Take care of Coach Massey in a nursing home –
Sarah Main- paybacks will be brutal  (Gail)
Jessica  (Howards)
Jamie, Tai (Terri)
Jessica (Rodriguez’s)
Jessica  (Youngs)

Jessica  (Gail)
Jamie (Howards)
Jessica, Sarah (Terri)
Jamie (Rodriguez’s)

Senator who could filibuster for hours-
Coach Massey  (Gail)
Sarah (Howards)
Sarah  (Terri)
Megan (Rodriguez’s)
Megan (Youngs)

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