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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Galesburg High- 1929

My mother, Marjorie Evans Massey attended Galesburg HS and graduated in 1929. She was editor of the Reflector (yearbook), involved in debate, and was on the championship girls basketball team. Yes, championship girls basketball team in 1929!!

Galesburg High School- 1929 (located in the block of Public Safety Building)

This was a card from a high school reunion. She was no longer Marjorie Evans.
Look who came to the new high school- the statue of Abe Lincoln is in our front foyer.

My mother's senior yearbook.

And guess who was the yearbook editor? Marjorie Evans.

Intramural basketball champs- my mother is 5th from the left. In 1980 when our team won the WB6 championship, my mom sent this picture along with a poem she wrote for the 1980 team. 

This is a description of the road to the championship. 

It looks like she was a boys basketball fan. But it also looks like she must have slept in for the Saturday morning game.

Yearbook ad for O.T. Johnson's.

Yearbook ad for Knox College. My mother went to Knox and the first of her family to graduate from college. Her father drove the street cars in Galesburg and her mother was a stay at home mom. So my mother was a Gale Scholar before they had Gale Scholars.

Despite the ad for Lombard College, its days were numbered.

The Continental was going strong in 1929. 

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