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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Allison Mangieri- A Shooter

Allison Mangieri is one of three sophomores who have practice & played with the soph team, but have also dressed with the varsity. I think Allison is a good shooter now, who will become a great shooter over the next two years. I am excited about her potential to become a really good three point shooter for us on the varsity.

An advantage for Allison and the younger players in our program is that they have been able to see us play in the System, so hopefully it has helped her be aware of the opportunities she can have as a three point shooter on the varsity. So hopefully she is excited about the possibilities. This year she already has had a varsity game with 3 made threes- so hopefully that will help inspire her to set some high goals and work to be a great shooter for us!

You have two sisters at GHS with you. You seem to be pretty close to each other. Do you guys eat lunch together each day? 
Rachael and I both have D lunch, and yes we eat together. Dorothy, Rachael, and I all had B lunch for a short period of time and we ate together then too.

What is good and what is bad having sisters at GHS with you?
It's good because since we have the same lunch we can use each others lunch cards. Also it's just comforting knowing that you have family at school. The bad thing is being compared to one another.

Your family seems very proud of their Italian heritage. Would you describe your Christmas meal? What is the best food that your dad fixes?
Lasagna and/or spaghetti is always on the table for any holiday especially Christmas. Besides that we have ham, pumpkin pie, salad, bread, and one year my dad made biscotti.

Did you have Coach Rux as a teacher? How did that go?

You seem to have always been involved in sports. As you were growing up in grade school and junior high, what were some of your favorite sports memories?
Believe it or not I beat Dorothy in a cross country meet when I was in the 6th grade and she was in 8th grade at Lake Story. Another would be is when our 8th grade 4x4 relay made it to state.

What has been your favorite class at GHS?
World History II with Mr.Miller

Who was your favorite grade school or junior high teacher?
My kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Sandall

You practice with the soph team but you also dress with the varsity. You got to dress and play with the varsity at Christmas. You had several big games where you hit a bunch of threes in one game. How do describe when you play with the varsity- more exciting or more stressful?
More exciting. I try hard and I know what I have to do to.

You have become a very good shooter, when did you start thinking of yourself as a shooter?
8th grade year.

On the varsity, what player or players have helped you feel comfortable?
Rainee, Mickey, Tai, and Jaimee

Did you anticipate that you would get to dress with the varsity this year?
Yeah, but I was unsure.

You are thinking about going out for cross country next fall. What has gotten you thinking about that?
 I decided I really don't benefit from cheerleading and I appreciate what running does for me. It will also prepare me for next basketball season. Also I'll be running with my younger sister Rachael which will be fun.

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