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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Our Assistant Coaches- Our Seniors Perspective

Our girls basketball program has great assistant coaches. Each of them bring individual strengths that make our program strong. I am very fortunate to get to work with them.  Our varsity team’s success this year is a direct result of the hard work of the four assistant coaches!

Jay Barshinger has been freshmen girls coach for over 10 years. He is patient with the girls and anxious to follow the plan of our program. Each year I can be sure that he will be the one who finds errors in our playbook. He pays so much attention to detail that he knows the plays better than I know the plays.

Jay is a master teacher. There may be teachers in District #205 who are as good as Jay, but there are none better. He brings enthusiasm and energy every single day to coaching and teaching. During his games, he is constantly instructing and remaining positive. He does a better job than any coach I have seen of getting all of his players involved in games.

I know Jay is patient because I was his assistant in football for a couple years. There were many times that I should have been yelled at but he just patiently explained what needed to be done.  He is totally committed to whatever he is doing.

Michael Rux has been sophomore coach for  over 20 years. I was looking for a sophomore coach and former AD Mike Hellenthal told me there was a new teacher at Silas who wanted to get into coaching. I called, he said he would think about it, and thankfully he agreed to do it. Mike has always done a great job of getting sophs ready to play varsity basketball.

Mike is a student of the game. He started his training working in the men’s basketball program at NIU with Coach Rosborough. Rosborough went on to be assistant at Arizona with Lute Olson. Coach Rux kept in touch with regular phone calls and working at Arizona camps. Mike and I have gone to numerous clinics through the years in Milwaukee, Chicago, Des Moines, St. Louis, Las Vegas, and Grinnell. When the soph season is over, he turns his work to scouting our potential opponents.

Mike is loyal and patient. I am a challenge to work with, but he has stuck it out. Once I asked him to go with me to scout a game at Hononegah. We drove 2 ½ hours to Rockton on a Friday night for a 7:30pm game. We arrived at 7:00pm to an empty parking lot. The custodian told us that the game had been played at Harlem at 6:00pm. So other than having the wrong place and wrong time, I was right on. I was afraid to say anything until we got to Rock Falls. Now whenever I mention scouting, he always checks it out on the internet.

Andie Allison is in her first year as varsity assistant after helping for several years with our summer program. Andie was a captain and one of the best leaders I have had on a Streaks team. She was also one of our most competitive individuals. Her strength was that it was always more important to her how the team did than how she did individually. Basically I am saying that as a player she exhibited all of the characteristics you look for in a coach.

This summer, she helped out with the varsity team.  The varsity players responded to her in such a positive manner that I knew we had to get her involved on a permanent basis with the varsity. Fortunately we were able to convince her to be an assistant on the varsity.

Andie as a young coach has the rare ability to have a relaxed, comfortable relationship with the players that allows the players to feel they can go to her with issues and problems, but she also has the respect of the players that allows Andie to be able to get tough with the players when they need it.

Jaque Gohlinghorst (Howard) is in her fourth year as assistant coach. Jaque was starting point guard for the Streaks from 1998-2000. During that time, we finished in the Elite 8, 2nd in State, and 4th in State. Jaque was the all-time three point shooter for GHS until Jessica Howard came along.

Jaque’s strength was her unbelievable ability as a point guard to run the team offense. I could tell her before a game or during a timeout 4-5 things we needed to try to run. And without fail, she would always execute the game plan. She was probably the best “play caller” I have had as a coach. At the time, her poise and understanding of the game made it clear she would become a great coach someday.

Jaque was selected as a team captain as a junior even though the team had strong seniors on it. She has always been a quiet, effective leader. She brings a great enthusiasm for our program. She is willing to challenge the girls to work to reach their goals. Jaque has been able to help our guards work to become better ball handlers, better “quarterbacks” on the floor, and understand how to be better three point shooters.

I asked our five senior players to give me their perspective on our four high school coaches.

Thank you Coach Barshinger for--

Thank you Coach Barshinger for giving me a high five after the National Anthem. (Jessica)

Thanks for being patient and explaining everything Freshman year. You walked us through every play and if we messed up and had to start over, you were patient with us.  (Mickey)

Thanks Coach Barshinger for being THE BEST freshman coach ever!  You were always so patient and understanding with us.  You are a great encourager and never get down on us.  Things could be looking pretty bad but you were always so positive! Thanks for making freshman year fun!  (Tai)

Thank you Coach Barshinger for always being cheerful and patient with us when we were freshmen. It's hard playing on the freshman team for various reasons and I think you are a great coach for the job. Also, thanks for that surprise pizza party on the last practice before winter break....probably the most awesome thing that's happened in a practice ever.  (Megan)

Thank you Coach Rux for--

Thank you Coach Rux for always making us laugh and being a great coach.  (Jessica)

Coach Rux- Thanks for making practice so fun my freshman and sophomore year. Also thanks for making sitting at the end of the bench fun even when I have 3 or 4 fouls in the first half haha.  (Jamie)

Thanks for creating an environment that gave us an opportunity to shoot threes, always making us laugh, and calling us creeps (haha inside joke for our sophomore team that year).  (Mickey)

Coach Rux thanks for making soph year so entertaining!  I loved our team and it was never a hard thing for us to give 100% for u.  I appreciate how dedicated you were to us-your motivational speeches always got us going!  Thanks for making this year just as great!  (Tai)

Coach Rux, thanks for coaching us to a conference championship sophomore year!! That year was so enjoyable not just because of our success or my awesome teammates but because you are an awesome coach! Plus, thanks for backing me up when Coach Massey tries to diss on the Cubs. I also like your quirky sense of humor and it was nice to rock out in the van on the way back from Charleston hahaha. (Megan)

Thank you Coach Allison for--

Thank you Coach Allison for having quote battles and making me some pretty awesome CDs! :)  (Jessica)

Coach Allison- Thanks for deciding to become an assistant for my senior year, you have made it a lot more exciting. Also thanks for making it so I don’t have to sit right by Coach Massey during games!! Just kidding.  (Jamie)

Thanks for picking out fashionable stuff for us to wear and being of an inspiring ex-Streak.  (Mickey)

Thanks Coach Allison for pushing us this year.  It was fun having someone young who has been through what we're going through and came out a champ by working hard.  Its always fun when you laugh with us and stuff :)  (Tai)

Thank you Coach Allison for always being there to talk about anything we were concerned with, basketball or not. Your presence has helped our team because of your experience and enthusiasm and we can always go to you for a good laugh! I'm really glad you coached us this year, thanks for everything!  (Megan)

Thank you Coach Gohlinghorst for--

Thank you Coach G for always being there for me through all the ups and downs we’ve had over the last couple of years… and letting me call you Nug! :)  (Jessica)

Coach Gohlinghorst- Thanks for all that you do, the advice, getting me ice, delicious team has all made my basketball career enjoyable and I am going to miss it a lot. (Jamie)

Thanks for making us better ball handlers and for being a good example.  (Mickey)

Thanks Coach G for dealing with my forgetfulness on the bench :p  But you never got too upset so thanks for never giving up on us.  Like Coach A, it's been great being able to play under former Silver Streak All Stars.  Thanks for making this year so special!!  (Tai)

Coach Gohlinghorst, I remember the first time you coached me was when Tai and I were on the gold team for summer league and played with a bunch of upperclassmen. You made us feel better about the whole situation and when some of the girls were catty you were always there to make us feel comfortable. I know that I can always go to you with any question, thank you for all the kindness you have shown us!  (Megan)

Can you think of an example (s) where one of these coaches said something to you that inspired you to set higher goals or work harder than you thought you were capable of doing?

Coach Rux always yells things from the bench that get me pumped up out on the court. Coach Allison and Howard always push us to work hard in games and practices, too.  (Jessica)

The encouragement from Coach Massey in the off season always reminded me that I’m doing good but I can always work to get better.  The constant go-get-em speeches from all the coaches told me that our team is worth fighting for.  That always pushed me not to play for myself but for my girls, and for Galesburg.  (Tai)

Last year after the UT game (we played horribly), Coach Massey talked to us for a long time about our lack of effort and performance and that hit really hard; however, Coach G. usually doesn't say a whole lot, at least as not as much as Coach Massey,  and what she said has stuck with me and my teammates ever since. She told us that when she played every single time they went out there they played their
hearts out. They always played hard. I felt so bad that we seemed like a letdown to the past teams that were so great and I feel that we haven't hit that low since. (Megan)

 Can you think of an example(s) where one of the coaches helped you get deal with tough times?

I can't remember what game it was (there have been a few) that we've been down in a game and needed a little kick to get going or to keep our heads up.  Coach G and Coach A always seemed to say the right thing that'll mean KEEP PLAYING!! When they’re really saying BELIEVE IN EACH OTHER!! FINISH THE GAME!!!  (Tai)

Sophomore year, a teammate got horrible news right before the Canton game about a family member. The whole team was so upset and felt for our teammate so much. Before the game, we all got together and Coach Rux said some really caring things to us, and Tai prayed and the whole team cried together. I feel that Coach Rux was great to have at that moment. It turns out, our teammate had an AMAZING game and we whooped Canton!

Who do you pick to do the following for you----

Take care of your dog while you are gone for two weeks…

Coach Barshinger, he would be able to feed her and then run away fast so she wouldn’t attack him.  (Jessica)

Coach Rux (Jamie)

Coach G because she is a caring, trustworthy person.  (Mickey)

Coach Allison- likes dogs :)  (Tai)

I think that only Coach Barshinger could have the patience required
to take care of Maddux for two weeks.  (Megan)

Go into the teacher in outer space program as an astronaut…

Coach Rux. He would have a lot of fun. (Jessica)

Coach Allison  (Jamie)

Coach Barshinger because he is a good/patient teacher.  (Mickey)

Coach Barshinger -teach PE to the Martians

I could see Coach Allison as the teacher sent out into space. I think she would be up for the challenge and have a good image to do it.  (Megan)

Go on the Survivor show…

Coach Allison. She would get to work out a lot, which she likes to do. (Jessica)

Coach Rux  (Jamie)

Coach Allison because she seems like she could be tough in any situation.  (Mickey)

Coach Rux -he would KILL on that show! I’d give him the million dollars!!  (Tai)

Coach G would go far in survivor because she's really nice so she wouldn't be voted out right away for annoying or cheating people. Also, I'm sure she could unleash the inner beast that made her such a great basketball player to whoop everyone in the physical challenges. I bet she would make at least the top four.  (Megan)

Take care of Coach Massey in a nursing home…

Probably Coach G. He would stay at my nursing home and I’d make sure she would keep an eye on him so he doesn’t make too many of the other old guys jealous because all the old ladies like him.  (Jessica)

Coach G  (Jamie)

Coach G because she is a patient, caring person.  (Mickey)

Coach G –she’s caring and likes making sure everyone is taken care of.  (Tai)

I think only Coach Rux could deal with Coach Massey in the nursing home. Coach Rux can handle Coach Massey's silly quips and slams against the Cubs. I think Coach Rux would feed Coach Massey his hot dogs and turn on the TV when Wisconsin played.  (Megan)

Be the one to break the news to you that your dog died…

Coach Rux, he would tell you a joke and make you feel better.  (Jessica)

Coach Allison  (Jamie)

Coach Rux because he is a cool, calm person.  (Mickey)

Coach Barshinger - he would be sympathetic.  (Tai)

Enter dancing with the stars…

Coach Rux. From watching him dance on the Wii, he’d definitely win!  (Jessica)

Coach Rux   (Jamie)

Coach Allison because she is a good dancer.  (Mickey)

Coach G!!! -just because she never wanted to dance on the wii with us :))  (Tai)

Hands down, Coach Rux would be the one to be on Dancing with the Stars!! He unleashed his moves to a Beyonce song in Charleston.... now every time I watch someone else dance it's just lackluster do to his amazing skills.  (Megan)

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