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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Parents- The Players Have A Surprise for You!

The players did not want to be out done by the parents. The players have a surprise for their parents. Here are some things they would like to share!

I remember when I was little all the time you spent helping me_____

Dad, I remember when I was little and you taught me which leg to put up when shooting a lay up with a Pinocchio analogy ( you knew me too well, I would never forget a reference to a Disney movie), how to shoot a fool proof left hand lay up, or your classic one-on-one move that never (well, maybe sometimes) worked on me, the turn-around-jumper. Thanks for always being willing to help me with my shot.. whether or not I wanted to listen. (Megan)

Dad- I remember when I was little all the time you spent helping me become a better shooter and played horse with me. (Jessica)

Mom, I remember all the time you spent rebounding for me.  (Jamie)

Dad...helping me with my shooting form.   (Tai)

When I tried out for basketball in jh or hs (you pick), I was scared but you made feel better because you_____.

Mom, when I tried out for basketball in junior high I was scared but you made me feel better by making me feel confident in my abilities and putting no pressure on me. (Megan)

Mom, you told me as long as you know you did your best, that is all you can do.  (Mickey)

Mom...said that I would be fine and that I will have fun doing what I love doing, with people I like.  (Tai)

I will always appreciate how other parents did ____ for me. 

I will always appreciate how other parents stayed positive and always supported everyone on the team!  (Jessica)

I will also appreciate all the things the Howard, Johnson, Silberer, Rodriguez and Peachey families  have done for me and my fellow teammates whether it was trekking around the Midwest for the past seven years to support us, offering words of wisdom and encouragement after games, giving us rides to games and practices,
hosting delicious team dinners, or raising awesome daughters that are awesome individuals and friends.  (Megan)

I will always appreciate how other parents were supportive of us.  (Jamie)

How parents have accepted me as apart of their extended family :)  They are and have always been so caring and encouraging.  It is so fun eating at people's houses and talking to their families.  (Tai)

When we lost, I appreciated when you_______.

When we lost, I appreciated when you gave me a big hug. (Jessica)

Dad, I appreciate when we lost and you pointed out the things you thought I could have done better, even if they were things I didn't want to hear. Sorry if I bit your head off a couple of times. Mom, thanks for giving me typical mom treatment: making me feel better and helping me bounce back. (Megan)

 Dad-I appreciate how you gave me pointers on how to rebound.  (Jamie)

Mom, you were there outside of the locker room waiting to hug me, you always made sure to make me smile after a loss.  (Mickey)

Mom and both expressed that the loss didn't mean that I was a bad player but that it was to make me a stronger player.  You encouraged me to work on things from the game.  You didn't insult or criticize. Only listened and comforted.  (Tai)

When we won, I always looked forward to_____.

When we won, I always looked forward to giving you a big hug! (Jessica)

Mom and Dad, when we win I always look forward to coming home after games. I love recapping the game and pointing out all the awesome plays my teammates and I had and getting pumped about the next game over frozen pizza.  (Megan)

Mom & Dad- I always looked forward to going out to eat.  (Jamie)

Mom and Dad- walking outside of the locker room and hugging you both and you both telling me good job!  (Mickey)

Mom and Dad...always looked forward to hugging you guys after winning.  And losing but especially winning :)   (Tai)

The saying or wisdom you gave me that has helped me most in athletics______

The saying or wisdom you gave me that has helped me most in athletics is always play hard! Booya!! (Jessica)

Mom and Dad, the best words of wisdom you have told me not only apply to athletics but to life in general: play as hard as you can all the time and good things will happen.  Or, on a similar note, "you may have bad offensive days but there's no excuse for bad defense".  I've remembered that every time I was nervous before a game since seventh grade. Viewing poor effort more disappointing than poor shooting etc. has made all the difference for me as a basketball player. (Megan)

Dad-“Play hard and anticipate.”   (Jamie)

Mom- "If you keep working hard, you can reach any goal."  (Mickey)

Mom and Dad... help others have fun! Be a blessing! Have fun!  (Tai)

You helped me learn the following in athletics______

Mom and Dad, you have helped me learn that things don't always go the way you want them to in athletics. Encouraging me to only focus on the things I can control and to keep on playing through hardships.  (Megan)

Dad- You said working hard pays off in the end.  (Mickey)

Mom and Dad... That winning isn't everything and if you played your hardest then you did your job.  Also, that what you put into your relationships and experiences is what you're going to get out of them. Being positive and helpful is better than being self-absorbed and negative.  (Tai)

Mom/Dad- Thanks for_____

Thanks for always being there for me and cheering me on! (Jessica)

Mom and Dad, thanks for encouraging me in all my athletic endeavors (minus soccer and track, but those are boring anyway, right? :P.) Seriously though, without your love, support, time, and work, I would not be a three sport athlete. Thanks for never letting me feel sorry for myself and pushing me in all my sports and academics. I've often wondered why I have never considered quitting any of my sports and I know now that a lot of it I have you guys to thank for. Thanks for helping me grow as a person, student and athlete. (Megan)

Mom- Thanks for going to all my games from Junior Streaks to summer league.  (Jamie)

Mom and Dad- Thanks for all the support you gave me when it came to academics and athletics.  (Mickey)

Mom and Dad... Thanks for everything!  You guys have been there for me since the beginning--> haha! of everything! Your guy's lives have shown me what it's like to follow God with your whole heart and to put others before yourself.  Thanks for being awesome!!  (Tai)

Our new team is your senior moms and dads. Who do you pick for the following?

Give the team the big pep talk before the big game?

Papa Peach, he is always so excited and would get everyone pumped up! (Jessica)

I would definitely want Mr. Peachey to give us a pep talk before the game. Mr. Peachey has so much energy, charisma, and basketball knowledge that I'm pretty sure by the end of the talk we would all be ready to "draw blood" and "break bones" for real. Also, I enjoy listening to Mr. Peachey's stories and talks in class, he always has something interesting to say.  (Megan)

Chris Howard  (Jamie Johnson)

Mr. Peachey because of his past coaching experiences, he is an enthusiastic person, and could get us motivated.  (Mickey)

Jamie's Step dad -I haven't been able to hear it a lot but when I have heard his advice it pumps me up!  And the way Jamie tells stories about him makes me laugh.  (Tai)

Draw up the last second play for our team?

Bill Young, 32 skadoo always works. (Jessica)

I have a feeling John Johnson would know a good last minute play to run. He always seems sure of himself and knowledgable in athletics so I would definitely trust him. My dad has had some great spur-of-the-moment last plays as well... 32 skadoo...  (Megan)

Steve Peachey  (Jamie Johnson)

Mr. Peachey because of his knowledge of basketball.  (Mickey)

Jessica's dad -This guy is crazy and he would for sure come up with the perfect last second shot to win the game for us!!  (Tai)

The refs are bad, who do you want to the coach to yell at the refs?

My dad… he would intimidate them. (Jessica)

I nominate Amy Howard to talk to the refs. I'm sure if she makes Jessica, Chelsey and Carly listen then the refs would be a piece of cake. I'm sure multiple calls would go our way. (Megan)

Bill Young  (Jamie)

Mr. Riggs because I could see him intimidating the refs.  (Mickey)

Jessica's mom -She is the kind of lady you want on your side-just because she's so nice and sweet and you don't want to let her down.  I pity the ref who gets in her way :)  (Tai)

We're down 2 with 20 seconds left, who do you put in to make sure they foul?

John Johnson, if he’s anything like Jamie, he could definitely foul haha. (Jessica)

I think I would put Terri Silberer in the game if we needed a foul right away. She is feisty and I bet can run faster than Jamie... which is a pretty impossible thing to do. Also, she must be used to smacking people if she has to live with Jamie. (Megan)

Chris Howard  (Jamie Johnson)

Mrs. Johnson (Jamie's stepmom) because I could see her getting it done.  (Mickey)

Megan's dad -Megan tells us bout how he works out and stuff and he seems like the go to guy. And he would know how to give a good foul hard without killing the person.  (Tai)

We're tied, no time left, one free throw- who do you send to the line?

Norma Rodriguez, she would keep her composure.  (Jessica)

Chris Howard would come in for the clutch free throw. I'm pretty sure that man fears no one and wouldn't be intimidated by any game situation. (Megan)

Chris Howard  (Jamie Johnson)

Mr. Young because I could see him coming through for the team.  (Mickey)

Megan's mom -She seems like she handles pressure well.  But she is fun and relaxed enough that she wont over concentrate or anything like that.  (Tai)

The other team has an All-American, who do you have guard them?

Chris Young. “Horse in a trailer- nowhere to go.” – Semi Pro

Bill Young  (Jamie Johnson)

Mr. Johnson because he seems like he could play good defense on someone.  (Mickey)

Jamie's mom -She is so fit and seems like she could just go run 5miles because she feels like it :)  She could take anyone on D.  (Tai)

Who shoots the three for us?

Patricio, he’s Mickey’s dad. Enough said. (Jessica)

I would trust Mr. Rodriguez to shoot the last second three!!! I've seen him shoot after summer games and he's got mad skills. Also, if Mickey is his daughter some of her shooting abilities must have rubbed off on him... or vice versa.  (Megan)

Chris Howard  (Jamie Johnson)

Mr. Howard because he has the best shot, other than my dad (haha)  (Mickey)

Mickey's dad -We all saw this summer that the man has a good shot! haha!  (Tai)

Team doesn't get along, who do you pick as captain to be the team peace maker?

Mrs. Peachey, she’s very calm and kind. (Jessica)

Hands down, Gail Peachey would be our team captain/peacemaker. She is so kind and emanates peace! I don't think anyone would have the nerve to disappoint or disobey her on the team, she would make the perfect peacemaker!  (Megan)

My Dad (Jamie Johnson)

Mrs. Peachey because she is calm, cool, and collected. (Mickey)

Mickey's mom -Mickey's mom is so calm and friendly that it would be hard to fight with anyone if she was in the room.  (Tai)

Team dinner, who do you want to have host?

Terri, she always has a lot of food! (Jessica)

I would ask Mrs. Rodriguez to host the team dinner!! My mouth waters at the thought of her delicious tostadas and rice.  (Megan)

The Peachey’s  (Jamie Johnson)

Mrs. Silberer because she can cook very good food.  (Mickey)

They were all GREAT-so combine them all :)  (Tai) 

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  1. Great fun, there has been a great deal of (well deserved) focus on the seniors during the season. As a parent of one of them, I would just like to send a big thank you to all the sophs and juniors who have made this truly a remarkable year. Truly a team effort!