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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Lieber Catches Fire in Alleman Win

Streaks went up 30-26 over Alleman, and hit a hot stretch in the third quarter that allowed us to get the win.  In the first half, Alleman had an answer to our pressure and consistently beat us. In the first half we did force 18 turnovers but shot only 16% from the field. The big stat was our excessive fouling in the first half, we fouled 12 times in the first half which allowed them to make 11 trips to the foul line. Alleman is the BEST team we play at winning the battle of the foul line.

Final was Streaks 69-58.

Jessica Lieber missed her first 5 three point shots but was sizzling in the second half. She made 5 of 6 second half threes. That combined with us fouling only 7 times in the second half made the difference. We hung on despite shooting only 6 of 12 from the foul line in the fourth quarter- which is surprising since we are on pace to set a school record for ft shooting.

Rebounding- Jamie Johnson 6
Steals- Mickey Rodriguez  4, Myra Diggins 3
Alleman Turnovers- 32
Assists- Peachey 6

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