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Friday, January 14, 2011

Tai Peachey- Already a Senior

Tai Peachey has been around the basketball program since she was little. Tai, her two brothers, and Allen used the gyms as their playground during our practices. Today when some of the former players ask who is on the team, when I mention Tai Peachey, they all have an alarming look that comes with realizing you are getting old.

Tai is someone who has strong beliefs. She was selected as the DAR Award winner by the vote of the GHS faculty and the senior class. She is loyal and caring toward her teammates. Tai always comes to play, she just plays hard.

You grew up around the gym with your dad as a basketball coach. What was good and bad about that?
I loved going to basketball practices with Dad growing up.  I always thought it was a good thing-haha-I thought I was cool being able to watch the girls practice and drink out of Dad's water bottle. :)  I don't remember anything bad about going to the practices.

Do you remember when you first thought you would like to be a basketball player?
I don't think I ever had that golden moment when I decided I wanted to play basketball.  I just always enjoyed playing it so I kept up with it.  Having a dad who coached and a family who encouraged were bonuses. 

I am not asking who you thought were the best players (later with that), but who are 3-4 girls who were really nice to you as you hung out around the team?
Oh wow....I wish I could remember all of them but I was really young.  But I do remember hanging out with Sade Boyd for a whole week of summer league. She was really fun to talk to. And I remember giving an art project from elementary school to Shanell Jackson-because I thought she played hard.  I loved being a fly on the wall around Coach Howard's team.  Their group is probably the group I remember the most. 

What do you remember as the most exciting games?
I do remember the games when the teams went to state! That was some very exciting stuff!!!  I don't remember the individual games.  I do remember how the Streaks fans would drive up to Bloomington and cheered so loud! It was such a fun atmosphere!

You don't have to answer this, but...  If you were going to put your all-time Streaks team together, who would you pick?
This ones hard too... Molly Watson for sure.  Bonny Apsey.  Steph Mitchell.  Jenna Bicego. Sarah Larsen. Jenny Zolper.  Sarah Wood. Amy Pendry.  There are others that I can't remember..

You have played basketball with your senior teammates thru travel bball, junior high and high school- who has changed the most? Who has changed the least?
Hmm..I think Jamie has changed the most because she used to be a point guard with me but now she's a five.  She was always strong and aggressive but she controls herself well.  I enjoy being in rotations with her.  I think Jess and Megan have changed the least because they always played 2's and 3's mostly (some exceptions) they always work hard and are consistent leaders on our teams.  Mickey has changed but she's stayed the same :) She became a great 3 point shooter our sophomore year and that was awesome!! I am so blessed to have played bball with these guys.

What has been your favorite class in high school- and don't say your dads?
I love my dad but I do not love Biology. :) His stories are great though! haha My favorite classes have been Swimming and Total Fitness with Mr. Willy, American Studies with Mrs. Qualls and Mr. Hickey, and Public Speaking with Mrs. Frau.  In these cases the teachers made the classes. 

Who was your favorite teacher in jh/grade school?
I loved all my teachers in elementary school! Shout out to Mrs. Tadie (2nd grade)!  At Churchill, I enjoyed most of them but I would say Mr. Lacey (8th grade Art).

How was it to have your dad in class?
I loved Dad's class-for his stories.  He kept it interesting. That's all I can say about that... :)

Are you glad we went to the System? Why?
I am SO thankful we went to the System because it's fast. It forces people to work hard.  The System is 100 mph yet people can look and see the strategy.  They may wonder what's going on but it's fun to see how impressed people get when they see us working our butts off, having fun, and just playing basketball.  When we work hard-the System works and looks good.  When we don't work hard-the System is questioned and we look really bad.  Since I am such a fan of the System I try my hardest to not make it look bad.  But with the girls we have this year, individually and as a team, I think going to the System was a stellar idea.

You are the only daughter with two brothers. What is good about that, and what is bad about that?
 Ah I love Isaiah and Seth.  Just tonight at Megan's team dinner I was telling everyone how we used to play king of the hill on a toboggan and our 4-wheeler.  And Megan was like, "Haha! All your stories involve you and your brothers beating each other up doing something crazy!"  I would say that is pretty accurate.  We're a pretty close family and we enjoy spending time with each other.  Being the only girl-equals favorite kid.  In my book anyway.  I try to say it enough so mom and dad will believe it but I don't think it's working... A bad thing about being the only girl is that when the boys feel like being goofy and I don't, they gang up on me.  That results in more stories for Megan :)

After a tough loss, who do you want to talk to- Dad, Mom, or nobody?
After tough losses, I talk to dad.  Mom tries to help but since dad's the sports guy I go to him.  Depending on the severity of the loss, I sometimes just get on the bus or in my car and have a little chit-chat with God. haha Not even kidding.

You, Isaiah, and Seth- what is a sport you cannot play against each other because you know it will end in a fight?
They all end in fights :) But nothing too extreme.  We don't play full on basketball at our house because once one team pulls out ahead the other team will start goofing off and then....Even basketball in the swimming pool doesn't end well.  Any sport we start out playing ends up Zaya and Seth against me. And they win because I can't stop laughing.

Who are three people you would like to have dinner with?
I would like to eat with JESUS :) My Grandpa Stewart's deceased twin brother Eddie, and Steve Nash.

What is one of the most inspirational sayings, verses, or phrases to you?
This year the verse I wrote on my basketball shoes is [Philippians 4:6]  "Don't worry about anything; instead, pray about everything.  Tell God what you need and thank Him for all He has done."  God's done a lot for me this year and I'm very thankful.  He inspires me to play harder and be a good teammate.

What do you like about this team?
I love how our team is like a family.  I really haven't had a team that has clicked this well.  There is no drama.  When it's time to be serious, we get serious.  When it's time to have fun--we have FUN! We support each other like sisters.  We play hard and I love our team!

What do you hope your teammates say about you?
I hope the team says that I played basketball to honor God and have fun. They all know what I stand for and how I live my life and I hope they say that I played basketball in the same way I lived outside of basketball.  I hope they say I was a team player, good leader, and worked hard.

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