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Monday, January 3, 2011

1995-6 "Pressure Basketball"

The following is taken from preseason handout to the Streaks team in 1995-6. I was taken back by how much it sounds like what we are trying to do. We may have been a lot more of a System team than we dreamed. This is what was given to the 1995-6 team before the start of the season:

Our number one priority is to apply constant, unrelenting pressure on both offense and defense. We want to be the greatest pressure basketball to ever play at Galesburg High School. We want our opponents to know that when they step on the floor against Galesburg they are in for a a game much faster and more intense than what they are used to playing. To successfully apply pressure we hope to:

1- Offensively and defensively create a tempo that is faster than is comfortable for our opponents.

2- Defensively pick up opponents farther out so they are under more pressure than they are used to. We want them to play faster and feel a constant pressure that forces errors.

3- Defensively pressure passing lanes to force the offense out of what is normal for them.

4- Play a defense that does not allow them to get into a rhythm.

5- Offensively we want to apply a constant pressure by running the ball every single possession. We want every player to sprint the floor, not to run the floor.

6- Offensively not allow them to rest at the end our break. We will run the floor, then attack by moving the ball and taking quick, open shots.

When people play Galesburg, they are not going to be playing the kind of game they are used to playing. Opponent's practices are not going to prepare them for Galesburg "Pressure Basketball."

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