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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Developing Shot in Youth Players

A friend coaching a youth team was asked for some shooting ideas. They said their team was made up of 7-10 year olds who shot with two hands.

I always tell the younger kids that in camp when we do drills they have to work to do it correctly. In games, they do whatever works for them. In games it is not going to be enough of a habit that they will use correct technique. Things I have done with younger kids--
1- Instead of shooting at a basket they "shoot" to a partner. 

- Have them line up to start maybe only 7-8 feet apart. 

- To make them do it slowly and correctly, have all the shooters follow your commands and your order to shoot

- Start with no ball and just pretend shoot. Emphasize getting guide hand on the side and shooting hand behind. Hold the follow thru. 

- Have them start out where they cannot put the guide hand on the ball. They can use the guide hand to set the ball in the shooting hand. But have them hold the ball in place with just shooting hand. On command of shoot, shoot the ball to their partner. Emphasize to them them to "follow thru", "hold your follow thru", and "freeze your follow thru." 

- Work backwards on the shot then. Have them hold the ball with guide hand up above their head where it would be at the very end of their shot. Emphasize to them that this is not where they are going to start their shot but where they will finish their shot. Again, just command shoot, and now all they will be doing is flipping their wrist to shoot the ball. Believe it or not, the tough part for young kids is the finish of the shot. Just watch to make sure it is one handed.

- Have them work to get the ball then in their shooting pocket (somewhere in the chest area where they will be triple threat). Command, "Pocket." They should put the ball in that area and have knees flexed. Then command, "Up". They then take it up to the finish area that you just worked on. So you are working now on having the same movement within your shot. Then after awhile you can put it all together- "Pocket", "Up", and "Shot". 

2- At a lower basket, have players in a line to shoot. You can start by saying, "Pocket." Check their hand placement on the ball. Then just say shoot. It is good to put them at an angle so they can use the backboard.

3- For layups go without a ball. Start out and walk. Just make sure they raise the correct leg. Then have them jog thru without a ball. Then have them have a ball but don't dribble- carry it. Finally have them dribble. Depending on age, it may be that you never get them to shoot left handed layups so you keep doing it without a ball. It helps to have them shoot left handed layups with the ball but tell them they don't have to make it- just go up and drop the ball off with their left hand. 

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  1. Hey, that looks familiar! Thanks for the advice, Evan. Ran with it tonight at practice.