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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fans We Need You!!!

I really appreciate the fans support we got tonight. We had a good crowd and a vocal crowd. But for a Thursday night with our team battling for conference title, it was not a "Galesburg crowd." I know I am biased about our girls, but I really, really wish people would start jumping on the bandwagon. We need to have our crowds from the old days for these games--

Thursday, February 3 at Alleman- must win if we are to stay in conference race.
Thursday, February 10- Moline at Galesburg- get the people out to Thiel.
The following week when we will play Geneseo at Geneseo in the first round of the Regional.

Please show up and get your buddies to come out. These girls deserve to have an "old-time Galesburg crowd."

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