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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Jamie Johnson- Building Team Chemistry

When it comes to team chemistry, Jamie Johnson is our team leader. She sets an example for everyone- players and coaches- with her ability to interact and be interested in all of her teammates. When they are just hanging out before a game, she will interact with anyone. She is not only someone we all enjoy being around, she clearly expresses to her teammates that they are all important to her.

When we took the three hour drive to Charleston, I was fortunate to have Jamie in my car. She made the three hour drive seem like it took and hour. She kept the conversation going the whole way.

Obviously Jamie does great things for us as a player, she has the ability to go inside and rebound, but at the same time handle the ball and shoot on the perimeter. But as good as she is for our team as a player, I really think she is even more valuable to our team as leader. As she mentions in our interview, this team has had no “drama”, and Jamie has played a big role in keeping things positive.

When did you get started playing sports? What sports did you play growing up?
I started playing sports when I was 5. My two favorite sports were baseball and basketball.

Did you play travel basketball? Who was your coach? Do you have good memories of it?
I played Junior Streaks in 3rd 4th 5th and 6th grade. I had the same coach for all four years...Roger Sensabaugh. It was so much fun and I loved it.

When you were younger, were there any high school players you looked up to?
I didn’t move to Galesburg until 2000 so I dont remember Molly Watson or Coach Gohlinghorst. My favorite players were Annie Parkin, Elizabeth Hauslein and Amanda Gunther,  and they all came to my birthday party one year and played basketball with us.

Did you go to high school games? What games do you remember?
Yes I went to a lot of games and sat right next to Pete Thierry. The one game that sticks out the most is when we played Morton at home in the Sectional and Taylor Young hit that 3 to send us into overtime.

Megan claims to have been afraid of you in grade school. Was that because Megan was a whimp in grade school or were you just pretty tough?
Well I don’t remember being mean to Megan but I don’t recall having any friends that were girls, probably because I didn’t enjoy swinging and playing hopskotch at recess, I played kickball or basketball with the boys.

When you first came to high school, you seemed pretty quiet. In the last year you have become so outgoing and you are so social on the team. It seems like you have the ability that you can hang out with any of your teammates and be comfortable and enjoy yourself. Where did this social side come from?
I would say I got it from my dad. My parents always told me not to talk to strangers....but I never listened.  I’m just a very social person and enjoy listening to others stories as well.

What has been your most satisfying game so far this year? What has been your most disappointing game of the year?
I think my best game was up at Maine South I had 3 or 4 thress and I thought it was a good win for us. I would say my first 4 games of the season were horrible because I had so many fouls that I didn’t play as much and I felt like I let my team down, unfortunately.

When you get done, what do you hope your teammates will say about you?
I hope they say that I made there high school basketball experience fun and that i was the one that talked and got along with everyone.

Everyone claims you are the biggest eater. Who is the second biggest eater? If I have a team dinner, is there anything that I could fix that you would not eat? What is your ideal team dinner?
YA I kinda eat a lot, it runs in the family. Jessica Howard is the 2nd biggest eater, sometimes we have competitions. I love all food so its hard to pick just one but I would have to say fried chicken mashed potatoes and gravy with a side of buttery corn and freshly made dinner rolls, oh and a glass of lemonade.

What do you like best about this team?
Everyone gets along, we don’t EVER have arguments or anything. Also when someone messes up we don’t yell at them we say its ok do better next time. I have witnessed people yell at each other and it just brings people down.

Are you glad we went to the System?
YESS. At first I was a little scared about all the running, but I’m very happy about it. It’s not bad at all and we get in good shape. I enjoy setting all the records as well.

Next year Nebraska plays there first Big Ten football game at Camp Randall in Madison. Who is more likely to be a "bad winner" if there team wins and send nasty text message- you or me?
To be quite honest you will probably text me first to rub it in my face, I will probably forget.

What are your plans for next year? What would you like to do career wise?
As for right now I plan on going to Western and becoming a nurse. For the first few years I would like to be a travelling nurse.

What is the absolute best class you have had at GHS?
Outdoor living because you get to cook out every Friday and grill awesome food.

You were an aid to Coach Gohlinghorst. Admit it, were there some of the 3rd-4th graders you threw as hard as you could at in dodgeball?
There were a few kids (boys of course) that thought they were so cool and they were real cocky little kids so ya I would try real hard to get them out even though half the time they got me out first.

Who are three people you would like to have dinner with?
hmmm! Dick Vitale, Matthew McConaughey, My grandpa-he passed away when i was 2 so i never got to meet him

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