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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Streaks Tie State Record AGAIN

Streaks beat Quincy 90-45, and again tied the state record for threes in a game with 21 threes. Eight  different players hit threes tonight, including Myra Diggins who hit the 21st shot. We finished with 21 for 59 from threes for 36%. Tonights three parade was Jessica Howard (8), Jessica Lieber (5), Mickey Rodriguez (3), Megan Young (2), Jamie Johnson (1),  Myra Diggins (1), and Sharron Diggins (1).

Team Stats
FGA       76
3's Att     59
O-Reb%  36%
Forced TO's   30
Shot Differential   +10

Individual Stats
Rebounds- Jamie Johnson 9, Sadee Hamilton 6
Assists- Paige Klinck 8, Tai Peachey 7
Steals- Jessica Howard 4, Jessica Lieber 3, Megan Young 3

It was a game we came out with better defensive energy than we had in games lately. It was exciting to be able to have all fifteen players rotating in throughout most of the second half. We had five seniors and ten underclassmen playing big minutes tonight. A real benefit of the System is that we will have 10 returning varsity players next year.

Mickey Rodriguez really gave us a jump start by hitting two early threes. Megan Young might have had another three if she had not been talking to me as she was shooting a three in the second half. Sometimes coaches talk to much. I had yelled some direction, and Megan came right out in front of our bench. As she caught the ball and squared to shoot, she said, "What did you say?"

An interesting stat from tonight- Megan Young led the team with 16 minutes played. Jessica Howard and Baylie Boyer each played 14 minutes. Myra Diggins had 13 minutes and nobody else played more than 12 minutes. 32 minutes carved up between fifteen players limits the minutes.


  1. Evan,

    The three pointers shot and made make the system exciting, but the minutes played and the entire team effort is what makes the sytem beautiful. Keep Firing.