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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Chloe Anderson- Just Plays Hard

Chloe Anderson has always been involved in sports. It is tiring to think about all of the things she has done as a youth. Her ability to do a lot of different sports growing up is a tribute to athletic ability and also to her drive. Fortunately for us, she chose to continue in basketball at the high school.

Chloe athletically is a really good fit for what we are trying to do- run, press, be aggressive. Earlier in the year she stepped in and did a good job for us on the varsity level. Her combination of strength and quickness allow her to go inside and hit the boards, and also pressure people on the perimeter. We are looking to forward to what she will bring to our program over the rest of this year, and then the next two years. Running the System requires having athletes- Chloe is an athlete!!

Growing up, what sports have you been involved in and tried?

Tumbling, inline hockey, swimming, soccer, cross country, cheerleading, track, softball, volleyball, and basketball!

What sport did you never try that you think would be fun to try? (It doesn't have to be a sport at GHS.)
Hmmm... lacrosse maybe.

Growing up you have been surrounded by athletes in your immediate family and with your cousins. Were there any of your older family members who gave you an extra pat on the back to inspire you when you were young?
My brothers all really inspired me when I was younger, They never softened up the game which helped toughen me up.

You are a pitcher in softball. What would be more stressful for you-- bottom of last inning, you are on the mound with a 3-2 count, two outs, bases loaded with one run lead, OR at the line shooting one and one with 1 second left and your team down 1?
The basketball game. At the line it would all depend on me but in softball if i didn't get a strike out I would have my team behind me to field the ball.

Was it difficult for you to choose what sports you were going to do in high school?
In the spring I had to chose between softball and track. That was hard because I really like both of them.
What has been your favorite class, teacher since you have been at the high school?
Math with Mrs. Knicker.

Early in the year you played in the heat of a game because of an illness, and then played a lot of minutes at the Christmas Tourney. When you are in the games with the varsity, would you say it is "more stressful" or "more exciting?"
More exciting. I had never played in a varsity game before so I wasn't sure what to expect. I just had a new opportunity to go out and give it my all.

Throughout your career in basketball, you have played outside and you have played inside. What do you like about each, dislike about each?
I like the variety of shooting and dribbling able to be done on the outside, and I like the physical aspect of playing in the inside. I don't like how you aren't able to push around as much without fouls called on the outside, and I dislike when refs don't allow a lot of contact inside.

You have played for Coach Rux two years. When would you say he was the most excited or the happiest? When were you the most excited or happiest?
Coach Rux was DEFINITELY the most excited at Moline my freshman year.  That was our last game of the season.  We won in the last few seconds and it was a conference win and also the win that finished our season with a winning record. I was probably the most excited then too.

What would you hope your sophomore teammates say about you?
I would hope they would say that I always work my hardest in practice and in games.

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