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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sadee Hamilton- Tough

Sadee Hamilton has been a two year regular for the varsity. Last year she played inside all the time. When Sara Baker graduated, I was not sure who could fill her spot of playing on the perimeter on offense but inside on the boards on defense. Coach Rux was the one who pointed out that Sadee had been a great passer for him as a freshman. And he was right!

Sadee is very quiet normally. In our game at Moline she hurt her finger. When I became aware of it, I was not sure she would be able to keep going. I asked her if she could catch the ball. In a firm and forceful voice she made it clear, "I can play." From her tone of voice it was clear she was saying,"Don't try to argue with me."

When did you start playing basketball? Who was on your team and who was your coach?
In first grade at the Y with a team of all boys except for Baylie Boyer.

Last year you played inside all the time, this year you are more on the perimeter. Which do you prefer and why?
My normal position has always been inside but I feel I have more opputunities being on the perimeter.

You hit a huge last second shot as a soph. Describe the situation and how did you feel? 
Actually I was a freshman against U.T. down by 3 with a few seconds left, I was open at the top of the key when Tai passed me the ball, I shot and it went in at the buzzer. We won in overtime. I was happy to have to contributed to that win that kept us in the running to be big 6 champs, which we were!

Of things we do in the summer, what is something that has been the most fun for you?
Attending Tennessee basketball camp.

When you graduate from GHS, what would make you feel good if your teammates said about you?
That I was an unselfish, hard-working, team player.

In the summer when we drive places, is it good news or bad news if you find out you are assigned to Coach Peachey's van?
Good news, although it doesn't really matter to me.

Who do you think is your funniest teammate?
Megan Young

What is the best class you have had at GHS?
Spanish 3 with Senora McQuiggin

You have been a big Tennessee fan. How often do you get to watch them play? Did you get to meet Pat Summit at camp? 
I try to watch them play whenever they're on t.v.  and I watched them live during March Madness in 2008 against Purdue.

So far this year, what game were you the happiest after? What game disappointed you the most?
I was happiest after the T-town game and most disappointed after losing to U.T.

What got you interested in basketball?
My whole family starting with my grandfather has always enjoyed basketball and encouraged me to play since I can remember.

What former Streak player would you most want to have as a teammate now?
LaToya Wright

If you were going to dinner with three people- what three living or dead people would you like to go to supper with?
Candace Parker, Kobe Bryant, and Mya Moore.

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